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Here’s the info and contact details about us and our small team.

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Subhranil De

Subhranil is a Chef during the day and a Graphic Designer by night. He is also a Digital Marketing Advisor, Investor and occasional Freelancer.

All of this, a very busy schedule, and he has still been in shape at all times. You can find him on all mornings at the gym in his hometown Burnpur.

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Preetam Chatterjee

Preetam is a Bengali YouTuber, Entrepreneur, Author, Fitness Enthusiast and Digital Marketer.

When he is not all that, he is lost in his huge book collection or capturing the city for his YouTube channel The Desi Bong.

Subham Burnwal

Subham is an aspiring AI developer. His interest is mainly in programming but the situation also makes him a Hindi content writer.

He is a night owl, just kidding though he finds the night as an ideal time to work. In his free time, he likes to work on his pet projects and is a hardcore gamer.

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