30 Days Abs Workout Challenge to unleash sculpted abs!

Do you know about the 30 Days Abs Workout Challenge? Are you tired of trying to get rid of your tummy? Are you one of those many, who have discontinued wearing T-Shirts because of a bulging torso?

If yes, you must be aware of the hectic workout regimen it takes to get rid of that extra fat. We all are susceptible to starting a workout regiment and ending it within a few days.

This happens because most of the time we don’t realize the right exercises or perfect diet to include in our ab building routine. In this article, I will clarify exactly what you need to do, in order to get that sculpted greek god-like abs you dreamt of. 

All you need to do is start your own 30 Days Abs Workout Challenge!

What Does the 30 Day Abs Work-Out Do? Is training Abs Really Important?

Having a dazzling set of abs is a dream physique for many men who start the gym. Whether it be for impressing the chicks or building a stronger core, abs training is really crucial for your overall gains.

Properly training your abdominal muscles helps you in building superb posture and a strong core. In some cases, it also reduces back pain, improves balance and stability, and helps in breathing functions.

It also helps reduce body fat, which in turn helps to reduce many ugly diseases like obesity and diabetes.

In short, training abs is really important if you want a well-toned healthy physique.

The 30 Days Abs Workout Challenge! Let’s get started!

Now without any further ado, let’s jump right into this month’s Abs Workout Regimen.

Note: The Below mentioned Exercises are completely safe to use, require no extra gym equipment and can be done at home. If they seem too easy, increase the number of reps(times)!

You can try this alternative abs workout routine here.


Start with your feet together and arms at your side, then jump swinging your hands over your head and feet apart!

Then return to the starting position for the next rep.

This is an overall exercise that targets all your large muscle groups.


Start by lying on your back with your knees bent and your hands outstretched.

Then lift your upper body off the floor (lift with the help of your abdominal muscles). Hold that position for a few seconds then slowly return to the starting position.

30 Day Ab Workout Exercise

This exercise targets your abdominal muscles.

Mountain Climber: 16 Reps

Start in the push-up position. Bend your right knee towards your chest and keep your left leg straight, then quickly switch from one leg to another.

This exercise targets multiple muscle groups.

Leg Raises: 16 Reps

Start by lying down on your back, and put your hands beneath your hips for support.

Then lift your legs up until they form a right angle with the floor.

Slowly bring your leg back down, and repeat.

Plank: 30 Seconds

Lie on the ground with your toes and forearm on the ground. Keep your body straight (your knees must not bend), hold this position as long as you can.

30 Day Ab Workout Exercise
Woman Doing Plank

This exercise activates a full 100% of your abdominals!

(NOTE: Take proper rest of 20 seconds before starting the next exercise)

What are the 30 Days Abs Workout Results? What Can you Expect?

Well, we can’t say that you’ll have Sculpture like abdominals in just 30 days, but we do guarantee you’ll burn a lot of fat from your guts and give them a leaner shape if you follow our workout regimen word by word.

And the best part is, you don’t need any gym equipment for any of these workouts. So what are you waiting for? Wear your gymming gear and jump right into our 30 Days Abs Workout Challenge!

So that’s it for today! Stay healthy, stay fit!

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