Plastic Surgery in Turkey: Advice & Price Comparison for reductions

By now we all know how common plastic surgery has become. People are getting nose jobs and breast augmentation surgeries left and right. But there is a new trend emerging and that is of people traveling abroad to get these procedures done. Commonly referred to as Medical tourism.

Medical tourism is on the rise because in some countries it costs a lot less to get these procedures and you also get to have a mini vacation for the same price. To cater such a market, cosmetic clinics have started offering travel packages which not only include the procedure but also traveling and accommodation options, all dependent on how much you are willing to spend.

Medical Tourism for Plastic Surgery in Turkey

While there are many countries famous for medical tourism, but it is Turkey which takes the lead. Particularly for people living in England, Turkey has become a go to spot to get their desired procedures done. It not only provides a variety of cost-effective cosmetic surgeries but also guarantees strict safety and quality control.

Whether you are looking to get a nose job in Turkey or a breast reduction or any other procedure for that matter, you will have questions regarding, what the procedure entails or how to know if the price is right. To help you with that we have compiled a list of most common reduction procedure and their average price. 

So here are some of the common reduction surgeries and their approximate prices.

Ear reduction

During the operation, part of the auricle cartilage is removed before the cartilage edges are sutured again and excess skin is removed.

What methods are there?

The auricle is made smaller by means of a wedge-shaped or star-shaped incision in the auricle. The procedure can be performed under general or local anaesthesia.

What is possible?

With the aim of adapting the size of the ears to the shape of the head, the size of the ear is reduced by 30 percent, with the surgeon remodelling not only the auricle, but also the earlobe. In addition, the ears can be big to improve the appearance.

Costs and offers

  • Average £ 1,200 – £ 2,500
  • After price comparison Approx. £ 1,300

Breast Plastic Surgery (woman)

In addition to liposuction, excess skin flaps and the mammary glands are removed during a breast reduction. The incision is made around the nipple, with the scar extending to the underbust crease.

What methods are there?

There are a total of four methods to perform a breast reduction. Which method is best depends on the shape of the breast and the amount of tissue to be removed. Doctors differentiate between the i, O, T and L methods.

What is possible?

Breast reduction is primarily indicated in women with extremely large breasts to prevent postural damage and pain. A complete healing can take up to a year even in the optimal case. In most cases, after breast reduction surgery, the scars will heal completely by this time.

Costs and offers

  • Average £ 3,500 – £ 8,000
  • After price comparison Approx. £ 4,000


Labia Reduction

The relatively short procedure takes place either on an outpatient or inpatient basis. This removes the excess tissue from the labia.

What methods are there?

Both the outer and inner labia can be reduced in size. When the outer labia are reduced in size, the tissue below the clitoris is removed. As soon as the inner labia are reduced in size, doctors carry out a so-called clitoral jacket tightening in order to ensure a harmonious overall picture. In addition, the clitoris can be moved towards the vagina in the case of sensory disorders.

What is possible?

A labia reduction provides more self-confidence and a new body feeling. This particularly affects women who suffer from enlarged labia after giving birth. Often there is irritation, redness, swelling or inflammation of the labia because they rub against underwear or are stressed when sitting or walking.

Costs and offers

  • Average £ 800 – £ 2,000
  • After price comparison Approx. £ 950

Nasal Plastic Surgery

In nasal plastic surgery, depending on the initial findings, parts of the skin, mucous membrane, cartilage or bone are removed in order to improve the appearance of the nose, the proportions of the face or the sense of smell.

What methods are there?

In addition to the closed technique, which is carried out inside the nose, there is also the semi-open and open technique, which is carried out for more complex corrections.

What is possible?

During this procedure, the nostrils can be made smaller, the tip of the nose optimized, nasal humps removed and a wide nose narrowed.

Costs and offers

  • Average £ 2,500 – £ 5,000
  • After price comparison Approx. £ 3,000

Breast reduction (man)

Liposuction is usually enough to reduce the size of the breasts, but removal of the breast tissue may also be necessary.

What methods are there?

The nipple remains completely intact during the procedure. In addition to liposuction, doctors perform a subcutaneous mastectomy, which also tightens the skin. To remove fat and glandular tissue during a subcutaneous mastectomy, the incision is made under the areola.

What is possible?

Psychological stress plays a major role in men with enlarged breasts. A classic male breast cannot be reduced even with a lot of exercise. After a mastectomy, not only is self-confidence strengthened – the risk of developing breast cancer also decreases.

Costs and offers

  • Average £ 2,000 – £ 4,000
  • After price comparison Approx. £ 2,300

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