Why Nightfall Happens in Men and How it Can be Cured

Nightfall happens in men due to some primary causes, including excessive masturbation habits or abnormal hormone fluctuations. Generally, the intimate thoughts are responsible for the erection in the penile, so the question arises that why there is ejaculation in the night when there is no thought in mind.

Actually, your mind is never empty, and it becomes more focused at night, so the thoughts suppressed during the day become dreams in the night, due to which ejaculation occurs in the mid-night or early morning.

There is also a medical belief that regular circulation of semen also causes nightfall, which is healthy, but this happens only occasionally. Generally, men have a lot of illogical assumptions about nightfall, which can harm them. Nightfall is natural to some extent, but after that, you should consult a sexologist.

Why does Nightfall happen?

Is It Good or Bad? Nightfall Meaning, Causes

The biological age of nocturnal emissions is during adolescence or early adulthood. If nightfall occurs consistently, then it’s not natural. On some occasions, it appears to lead to the healthy circulation of semen. So why has nightfall become a problem?

In fact, because of excessive masturbation, the veins of the penis become loose and become feeble to hold semen, so at night when the mental grip is nominal, the semen gets to ejaculate. Apart from this, men also lose the ability to hold urine as a disadvantage.

Some of the symptoms of abnormal nightfall are as follows, dizziness, joint pain, extreme weakness, and erectile dysfunction.

If your nightfall happens because of these symptoms entirely or partially, then it is a sign that your nightfall is not natural, and for this, you need to consult a sexologist.

How Can Nightfall be Cured?

If somehow you know why you are having wet dreams, then it becomes easy to stop it. There are many nightfall treatments available, and there are some treatments that can cure the problem without affecting the genuine intercourse experience. Below are some treatment options that will eliminate your problem.

Changes in Diet Plan Can be Effective

Changes in your daily food plan can gradually make the problem of nightfall go away. Keep in mind that easily digestible substances will always be beneficial; that’s why digestible food like figs, Tinda, gourd, luffa, moong dal, etc., makes you energetic and improves sexual power.

Do not eat such food at night, which the body has to work hard to digest. Sexologists recommend consuming substances that increase sexual stimulation like garlic, onion, and pomegranate, which keep the genitals healthy.

Medicines to Stop Nightfall

Allopathic medicine is a quick diagnosis option for nightfall. These pills bring the frequency of concussion to an average level and reduce its severity. Taking medicines under medical advice can also give you additional benefits. Most of the drugs used concerning ejaculation remove the contaminated semen from the body and rejuvenate the sexual process. Big Disk 500 mg and Stonevil capsules are popular for nightfall. Don’t take them without a sexologist prescription.

Home Based Solutions

Home remedies have been the first choice of Indians, and men shy away from revealing their sexual disorders. That is why they rely on home remedies only. Home remedies for nightfall are simple and easy to adopt. Some solutions are being given below.

  1. If honey is mixed with the juice of fenugreek leaves, then nightfall can be relieved. Take one spoon daily before sleeping.
  2. Juice of amla is also an effective way to cure nightfall
  3. Garlic and dark chocolate are lead blood flow in genitals that causes a strong erection, and doctors also recommend this
  4. If sesame oil mixed with gourd juice and massaged on the head daily before sleeping, it gives coolness to the brain’s nerves and gets rid of the problem of excretion at night.

Exercises to Control Nightfall

Cobra Pose can cure the wet dreams/nightfall in men

Yes, the problem of nightfall can be reduced or eliminated by some prescribed exercise poses. If you run daily and do yoga, then nightfall can be cured permanently. Some yoga poses like Cobra Pose, Cow Face Pose, Shoulder Pose, etc., are beneficial in nightfall and other sexual disorders. However, exercise is a slow treatment option, if exercise is regularized with proper medications, good results will be found in no time.

Get Consultation with Sexologist

Safe Online Consultation for your Sexual Problems in Jaipur | Dr. Chirag  Bhandari

Medical advice is crucial for severe nightfall as it can harm the body in many ways, so knowledgeable advice always brings benefits. India’s leading sexologist Chirag Bhandari is suggesting effective solutions for male sexual problems through online/offline consultation. Chirag Bhandari is the founder of IASH India, situated in Jaipur, which provides fertility and sexual disorders treatments in men based on modern technology.

Consulting sexologists boosts the morale of the patient. The medicines recommended by the experts are more effective, so never avoid taking the treatment without suggestion as it can increase instead of reducing the problem.


The above blog tells you why nightfall happens in men and at what stage it needs attention. There are many diagnosis options for nightfall, but you should prefer medical advice. Only a skilled doctor will tell you at what stage your problem is and what type of diagnosis option would be appropriate for the concerned level of the disorder. You can get a consultation from Dr. Chirag Bhandari both online and offline.

You can also read our article on erectile dysfunction if you’re facing such issues.

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