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5 Mistakes Hardgainers Make in Gym!

Being a hardgainer at the beginning of my fitness career, I know the troubles they face when they hit the gym. It’s really difficult to keep yourself motivated when you don’t see the gains you signed up for. If you are one of them, 5 Mistakes Hardgainers Make in Gym is for you!

In this article, I’ll discuss the Top 5 mistakes hardgainers make when they hit the gym.

NOTE: According to Wikipedia, “A hardgainer is a person who practices bodybuilding but finds it challenging to develop musculature regardless of the amount of effort put in.”

 So if you’ve been around the gym for a long time and still haven’t seen any results, this article is for you!

If you want a Hardgainer Diet Chart, consider reading INDIAN DIET CHART: BEST DIET FOR WEIGHT GAIN.

# 5 Mistakes Hardgainers Make: Not Eating Enough

The #5 Mistake a hardgainer makes is Not Eating Enough. Most of the hardgainers complain that they eat quite a lot, but still are unable to gain weight. My take on this is, they are overestimating their daily calorie intake.

Mistakes Hardgainers Make in Gym

If you have noticed signs like loss of appetite or tend to eat very less, then you should consider dealing with the problem. Firstly, start eating more than what you generally eat.

It’ll be difficult to eat more at the beginning, but don’t quit. Slowly, in a fortnight or two, you’ll notice that your appetite has increased drastically than before.

# 4 of 5 Mistakes Hardgainers Make: Over Dependence on Mass Gainers

I’ve seen many of my clients resort to taking large helping of mass gainers to increase their weight. Honestly, it’s not bad to take mass gainers but you should also have food in proper quantity alongside it.

Piling up Whey Protein or Mass Gainer in your diet, while robbing your body off proper food items won’t help you reach your goals.

So take a balanced diet for proper weight and muscle gain (Check out our diet chart, at the start of article).

# 3 Fear of Gaining Extra Fat

We all fear of putting on some extra fat when we try to gain weight. My advice is to chill out, gaining fat whilst on a weight gain diet is natural and nothing to be afraid of.

However, if you want to minimize this try increasing your daily intake slowly.

For a beginner, it’s okay to increase 500g-700g weight per week. But if you are in the advanced level, keep that growth between 100g-200g win one week.

# 2 Failing to Track Your Bodyweight

The #2 mistake most people make is that they don’t keep track on their body weight. Maybe because of the lack of knowledge, people miss out on the advantages they’ll gain if they track their weight every day.

The first thing you ought to do, is check your weight is increasing or decreasing. Do this the first thing in the morning, empty stomach. You’ll notice your weight fluctuates slightly every day.

You need to see whether your weight is increasing or decreasing in the period of a week. If it’s decreasing, add 100 calories through carbohydrates in your diet.

Read 12 High-Carb Foods That Are Actually Super Healthy if you want to know the best carbohydrate sources.

# 1 Lack of Proper Training

The # 1 Mistake I’ve seen most hardgainers make is not training properly. If you’ve been in the gym for a long time but still haven’t seen solid gain, then maybe it’s time you get serious.

Maybe you’re not training hard enough. Make sure you train each of your muscle groups at least twice a week, to gain Maximum Muscle Protein Synthesis.

Make you track your strength progress every month. In easier words, this means if you are lifting the same weight you lifted last month, you need to change something.

So that was it, guys! These were the Top 5 Mistakes Hardgainers Make in Gym! Thanks for reading.

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