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Biceps and Triceps, Can We Work them out Together.

People ask if we can work out biceps and triceps together. With this simple question come many others, such as whether working them out together helps in optimal gains, or are they predestined to be worked out on different days.

Don’t worry, the answers to all these questions have been fully clarified in this article. So read till the end to get the proper knowledge of whether we can work biceps and triceps simultaneously.

In the End, All of it Depends on You!

Before we begin with the pros and cons of training biceps and triceps together, I must remind you that any kind of work out works as good as your body takes it.

So you are free to try out what suits you the best. These tips are only applicable if you are not seeing adequate gains. So having said that, let’s jump straight into the topic.

Training these two muscle groups simultaneously is nothing unheard of, and in fact, is adopted by many well-known bodybuilders, but it comes with few pros and cons. 

Let’s see and try to understand them!

Why We Should Train Biceps and Triceps Together(Pros)?

  1. Arms should be worked out more than once every week for optimal gains, hence if we work them out together they can have adequate rest and is quite helpful in the long run.
  2. They come in a stack naturally when we workout multiple body parts in a single day.
  3. We normally do a Bicep and Tricep Workout with another large muscle group. Hence, sometimes our arms don’t receive that extra special treatment they deserve and are undertrained. If we do Biceps and Triceps Workout Simultaneously, the arm will get that extra day to itself and can be pumped to its full potential.
Biceps and Triceps Workout

Why We Shouldn’t Train Biceps and Triceps Together(Cons)?

  1. You’ll have to start your workout from one part, then switch to another simultaneously. For instance, you worked out biceps at first then you’d have to do the triceps next. So you don’t train the same body part with maximum strength.
  2. You’ll have to do one workout a day if you start on this regimen. For instance, we are used to doubling up a large muscle group with bicep or tricep. If we take a single day for arms then the other days will also have single part workouts!
What Should We Start Working Out With- Bicep or Tricep?

After we know the pros and cons of working out Biceps and Triceps together let’s see what you should start working out with. If you want a proper workout regimen, click here.

You can start with training Biceps first and then Triceps or vice-versa, even you can train them simultaneously. One thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to train them with zero rest for a long time for muscle building. 

You can also try a highly intense superset for maximum gains.

The Secret for Popeye Like Arms, You Can Get Them too!

In the end, all your gains boil down to a solitary rule! You have to eat… and eat well before you get to see a considerable change, in your muscle-building journey!

So follow this article to the point and also read this for a high protein diet and watch your arms grow sinewy and big!

That’s a wrap for today’s folk! Stay healthy Stay Fit!

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