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Fat Loss Diet – Lose Weight Easily With Indian Diet

Overweight or Obesity is a problem a majority of the Indian population face. This is mainly because of the unhealthy lifestyle and lack of proper fat loss diet that people fail to fulfill their dietary goals.

We at recognize this issue and bring to you the best fat loss diet that you can follow.

NOTE: This article describes a full day of eating. The food items mentioned here are pure Indian and can be found in any local store.

Read till the end. If you are skinny and want to add more bulk to your body, read Weight Gain Diet Chart. This diet chart features the food items you need to gain weight, so you can try that out too.

Post Waking Up and Breakfast

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What you consume just after waking up determines the productivity of the day that follows. Make sure you start your day with the best breakfast options.

Just after waking up consume a mug of water; it helps remove toxins from the body that is stored when you sleep. It’s recommended that you store the water in a copper container the night before.

Now let’s talk about few healthy breakfast options.

  1. Banana: It’s a great fruit that is highly recommended if you want to lose fat. You can also consume the insides of the banana peel by slicing it off. Its calcium content is really high.
  2. Eggs: The protein-rich egg whites are really popular as a healthy breakfast option.
  3. Oats: Oats are high in protein content, and is quintessential if you want to lose fat.

Which Morning Snack to Consume, When we are on a Fat Loss Diet?

Knowing what to eat for snack is really important if you want to lose weight. Many people tend to skip the snacks, but later feel hungry and binge junk food.

Don’t make this mistake. It’s important to fill your tummy from time to time, even if you’re on a fat loss diet.

I recommend having a glass of water to stay hydrated. After that try having a good fruit. Apple or Oranges are really good options you should consider if you want to lose weight.

Just remember, eat one fruit at a time and avoid combining them.

Few Healthy Lunch Options you can Try if you Want to Lose Fat

Lunch should always be 4-5 hours after breakfast. Here are the lunch options which you should try out:

  1. Whole Wheat Roti (1 piece), eat 2 rotis if you’re still hungry.
  2. Black Chana (1 bowl)
  3. Cucumber Raita (1 bowl)

Make sure you eat slowly and chew the food properly when you eat. It happens often when the food you consume is not properly digested. Chew properly to prevent this.

End your meal with one glass of buttermilk. It cools the body, helps in digestion, and is good for fat loss.

What Should You Eat for Evening Snacks?

Make sure you don’t resort to junk food for the evening snacks. I’m personally guilty of resorting to deliciously cooked unhealthy food whenever I’m hungry in the evening time.

These are the food items you can consume in evening:

  1. Anjeer or fig is an extremely good option for the evening snack. It has a plethora of benefits, and is good for fat loss.
  2. Almonds are also good for fat loss
  3. Add one banana to make a perfect evening snack.
Dinner: The Last Meal of The Day

The optimal time to take your dinner should be before 9:30 PM, just make sure you take it 3 hours before your sleep. These are the food items that you should eat for dinner.

  1. One big bowl of mixed dal
  2. One bowl of Vegetable Salad.

Avoid roti or rice at night at night as its difficult to digest.

Consume one glass of hot Haldi milk before going to sleep. It’s a very popular food item that is excellent for detoxifying your body.

You can read this article if you want to know the full benefits of hot turmeric milk.

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