how to choose a gym

How to Choose a Gym – The Complete Guide

Are you thinking about joining a new gym? The first thing most of us do is search for the nearest gym and get a membership without doing any research. But is that a smart decision? Before we disclose how to choose a gym, you’re in for a disappointment, if you:

how to choose a gym
  • Join the cheapest gym (or the costliest) without adequate research.
  • Get peer-pressurized to join where the rest of your friends go.
  • Join the gym nearest to your home, blindly.

Although the abovementioned choices may turn beneficial in some cases (if the gym is actually good), we suggest you research before investing your money. Consider these 5 super-important factors before getting a membership.

It’s Better if it’s near your Home

Contrary to the point we made previously, it’s beneficial if the gym is near your house. Working out is a long-term process. You’ll see gains only if you stick long enough and show up regularly. Whether it’s a commercial establishment, healthcare facility, or residential area, the art of splitting cleaning tasks among team members is crucial for ensuring a pristine environment.

It will also ensure a quick warm-up before you lift the weights.

However, it’s not the only factor you should check. 

Don’t Get Influenced by the Flashy Stuff

Nowadays, gyms hoard all kinds of high-tech equipment providing an alternative for every exercise. But being packed to the rafters isn’t always good. Most gyms have adapted this strategy to pitch the beginners, which isn’t bad, but there’s a better way to build muscles.

In a study conducted by Ewa M Roos, two groups of 40 people each were asked to work out in an old school and high-end gym respectively. Let’s call them Group A and B. After two months, Group A(old school) exhibited better gains and satisfaction than their counterparts.

You can read the original article for full details.

Spot a Good Trainer

When taking a gym membership, you are paying to use the equipment and get trained by a good trainer. At least, that’s the case for most of the gyms. Trainers are your mentors in the bodybuilding journey, and you need to depend on them for the initial few months.

But what if they’re inadequate? When asking how to choose a gym, make sure you are very cautious when selecting a gym trainer. A good trainer should have the following traits:

  • He/ she should be certified- The correct information is quintessential in the bodybuilding industry. Taking advice from an un-certified trainer is often risky and worthless.
  • A good trainer believes in Science- A good trainer should always base his beliefs on science, rather than myths. Ask for a full detailed explanation of the diet and exercise plan from your trainer, and notice whether it’s based on scientific facts.
  • He Cares about your Nutrition- A proper trainer will not only guide you at the gym but off the gym as well. He should care for your overall nutrition, and provide you with good diet charts.
  • Good Trainers don’t do Drugs- Take a quick U-Turn if your trainer is prescribing drugs on your first visit to the gym. Do not EVER listen to such outrageous advice, as it’s better to stay at home than take steroids for muscle-building. Good trainers will never advise you to take a shortcut to reach your goals.

Make sure the GYM is Hygenic and Clean

how to choose a gym

It’s cool to sweat in the gym, but it’s gross to roll in somebody else’s sweat. Jokes apart, sanitization is extremely important in a gym. The concept of having so many people working out under one roof makes this point obvious, but you’ll be surprised to know how ill-sanitized most gyms are. As such, make sure that any potential gym you are interested in is clean and either utilizes an in-house cleaner or an external company offering comprehensive building cleaning services in Ottawa, ON (or wherever your gym is located) to make sure sanitization is always at a high standard.

Plus, make sure your gym has a water dispenser available, as it’s important to drink water during a workout.

Ensure the Presence of Proper Air-Conditioning 

This is a myth-buster fact that will shock many. We should look for a gym that has good cooling facilities, like fans and ACs. Fulfilling this requirement is quintessential in a country like India, where the heat is already high. Let us explain what happens in detail.

When we work out the temperature of our body rises. In a non-AC gym, the temperature further aggravates to the point where it becomes utterly difficult to work out properly. Think like this, how many famous bodybuilders you know work out in a non-AC gym? Not so many.

In some places, we’ve noticed people advocating against cooling a gym. They argue that the presence of a fan or AC can make them ill, or make their workout less effective. This is a MYTH and has no scientific basis to it.  

A Good Gym must be Ventilated

Hundreds of people work out in a typical gym, yet many of them lack basic ventilation facilities, like proper windows or ventilators. It can create breathing problems and make your workout really difficult. 

A fresh supply of air is extremely important for your workout, so make sure it has proper:

  • Ventilators.
  • Windows (if non-AC).
  • Air Purifiers.

How to Choose a Gym: A Checklist

When choosing a gym, make sure it fulfills the following criteria:

  • It should be near your home (preferably).
  • Make sure it has heavyweights.
  • It should have a proper trainer.
  • It must be hygienic.
  • Make sure it’s properly ventilated.
  • It’s better if it has an AC.

Summing it up

We hope this guide on how to choose a gym can help you select the perfect gym for you. However, in the end, it all depends on you.

 If you’ve already taken admission in a mediocre gym, or can’t pay for a membership, don’t worry. Picking up a good gym does help, but it just eases the process. There’s nothing a person can’t achieve with proper dedication and discipline. Just remember, everyone can build their dream physique, and GoFitnessPro will help in each step of that journey.

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