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No Fap Timeline: From Addicted to Beast Mode, Each Phase Explained

Starting on a No Fap Journey can change your life for good. Its astounding benefits can start appearing from a week you stop relapsing and can turn your life around for good. This No Fap Timeline can help you identify each phase and prepare you for the challenge.

This article is going to discuss a very long topic, hence it has been divided into two parts.

Disclaimer: If you don’t know what No Fap is, please read our special article on No Fap: A Habit That Can Make You Super Successful.

Let’s get started.

Starting the No Fap Timeline: Day 1-2 (The Addiction Phase)

If you are certain to take on the No Fap Challenge, I congratulate you. You are about to embark on a journey that is going to change your life for good.

Having said that, I must say… It’s gonna be tough. It’s gonna be a mind-boggling sort of tough! And without proper knowledge of the game, you’ll perish or quit within a month.

The First Challenge comes right when we start the journey. I like to call it the Addiction Phase!

During the Addiction Phase, the urges are going to be strong. You will undergo a serious brain fog, and you will face difficulty thinking clearly until it’s too late. You’ll also feel a bit dull, low confident, and stammer in a conversation.

For me, this was the period I relapsed the most. As the urges are huge, and my brain fails to think clearly resulting in relapse. My advice on this stage will be to stay outdoors as long as you can.

The only benefit at this stage will be the increase in your brain’s clarity after the end of 48 hours.

The Next 48 Hours: Day 3-6 (The Build-Up Phase)

Get ready to see visible results in the Build-Up Phase. If you thought you would have to go days without seeing results in the No Fap Timeline you are in for a treat.

The first noticeable benefits start only two days into the No Fap timeline. You’ll notice signs like:

  • A Slight Boost in Confidence.
  • Better Social Interactions.
  • Hold Better Eye Contact
  • More Lively
  • Self Esteem Rises

In this stage, you will sense an urge to develop your life and skills. You’ll want to hit the gym that you had been skipping. You’ll want to wake up early every day.

A Glimpse of Success: Day 7-8 (The Trailer)

No Fap Timeline Day 7-8

This Day is going to be a very special day, with very noticeable benefits! Few hours into the day, you’ll feel a sudden splurge of confidence in yourself. Your mood will spike into awesome, and you’ll feel like nothing would go wrong.

Some studies suggests, on the 7th Day of No Fap our body achieve up to 145% of testosterone levels than it’s normal baseline.

Have you watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? A special potion called Felix Felicis is mentioned there, which increases the host’s base abilities manifold. 7th Day will do something similar to your body.

In these two days nothing will go wrong with you, and you’d feel the world is your oyster!

It’s a trailer of the reward you are to get when you complete 1 year!

The Temporary Fall into Oblivion: Day 8-14 (The Flatline Phase)

Welcome to the most dreaded week of the No Fap Timeline, The Flatline. Ironically it comes just a day after the trailer phase. In this phase, all your previously earned powers will vanish in a poof!

You’ll feel extremely low motivated, drowsy, or even depressed. The urges to masturbate will be tremendous at this phase. And the only way to refrain yourself from doing so is going out for a walk or cold shower.

It’s very essential not to lose hope at this stage. Just remember, the urges to fap will be temporary and the benefits, if you refrain, are unlimited!

This article will help you gain more knowledge about The No Fap Flatline!

Building Up the Social Balls of Steel: Day 15-30 (Improvement Phase)

When you’ve conquered the Flatline phase, you’ll fall into the Improvement Phase. In this stage, you’d notice prolonged benefits and visible results. People will start noticing the change in your temperament and personality.

All the endeavors that you found difficult until now would suddenly feel easy to achieve.

I won’t speak without evidence; my story is the prime testimony that I can write to guide you properly.

Prior to my No Fap Journey, I was a typical introvert who shied away from any conversation with a stranger or a social gathering. But during the improvement stage, I noticed that I didn’t feel shy anymore. I could speak clearly, maintain proper eye-contact, and welcomed a conversation with a stranger.

But the staggering superpower like benefits started appearing after I completed 30 DAYS into the No Fap Timeline!

What those benefits were? When do the beast stage appear?

We will discuss that in the next part of the article.

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