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No Fap: A Habit That Can Make You Super Successful

In recent times, No Fap has been a rage among internet users. People are full of opinions about this topic. No Fap is nothing but no masturbation, or preventing the loss of semen.

Most preach audibly in support of this habit, and the tons of advantages they witnessed. While others are still skeptical, and miss out on the outstanding benefits this habit can bestow upon you.

In this article, we will debunk the myths and know the actual truth about No Fap.

What is No Masturbation? Why People are Addicted?

Let me break down the whole crust of Fapping/Masturbation in a single sentence.

“People need Rewards.”

We human beings are creatures controlled by emotions. If you think closely, you’ll notice that most of the things we do every day are somewhere connected to making us feel good.

Man who should do No Fap

Have you ever rewarded yourself with your favorite dish after a hard day at work?

Or didn’t you feel overwhelmed with happiness after you’ve cracked that difficult math exam with flying colors? After achieving something we’ve worked hard for we feel like we’re at the top of the world.

PMO (Porn/Masturbation/Orgasm) gives us that exact feeling, but it’s virtually effortless to obtain. It makes us feel so good, that soon our brain asks for more, and within no time we get addicted.

Is Masturbation Good? Is it Okay to Fap?

“Semen Retention is an ancient practice that boosts male physical and spiritual energy.”


There is a debate on this topic of whether we should Fap or No Fap. We’ll discuss the effects, of what happens if we masturbate too much.

You’ll realize how priceless the semen is with this information. According to Ayurveda, Forty meals make a drop of blood. 40 drops of blood make a drop of bone marrow. 40 drops of bone marrow make a drop of semen.

So you should realize the cost of only one drop of semen; god knows how much semen goes to waste when we ejaculate.

Fapping has some immediate after effects which people face:

  1. Low Energy
  2. Lack of Focus
  3. Disinterest in Work
  4. Unclear Speech
  5. Personality Problems
  6. Erection Issues in future

These are few commonly seen after effects among numerous others.

What is the Main Goal of the No Fap Movement? When did it Originate?

No Fap movement started sometime ago in Reddit, and it has been a rage since then. The No Fap Concept and it’s benefits are widely described in Ayurveda.

The main goal behind this is the retention of semen, the drop of life. There was a time when celibacy, or brahmacharya, was put in high regard among the saints and sages of India. Not just Ayurveda, but many other spiritual texts like Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Gita, Islamic, and many other religious texts have marked the importance of brahmacharya.

For people like you and me, controlling our urges to masturbate opens up a wide range of benefits that can turn our lives towards the brighter path!

You Can Unlock Insane Powers if you Practice No Masturbation!

“A man controlling seminal fluid for 12 years grows a special power. He grows a new inner nerve called ‘nerve of memory’. Through that nerve, he remembers all, he understands all.”

Ramkrishna Paramhans

Sexual Energy is the most powerful energy harnessed by a man. Just think about this, one drop of semen has the power to give birth to a new life; so what its actual powers can give if we learn to transmute it properly.

Sex Transmutation or transferring the sexual energy into our other pursuits is a practice the all the winners undertake. They experience mind-boggling results. Some of them are:

  1. Incredible Energy to pursue your goals.
  2. Massive Increase in Motivation and Self Belief.
  3. Spike in Testosterone Levels.
  4. Superhuman Confidence.
  5. An alpha-male vibe, that women drool after.
  6. Clarity and sharpness in thought.

These are just few benefits we can see if we embark on the no fap journey!

So will you Embark on this Journey?

If you’ve read till the end, you should have thought at least once about the wondrous possibilities you would unlock if you start No Fap!

If you do, our best wishes are with you. We highly urge you to read this article before you begin, Conquer the 30 Day No Fap Challenge!

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