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Digestion: 5 Ways to Improve your Digestive System

Are you facing muscle growth issues even when you are working out properly 6 times a week? You also take a proper diet, but fail to reach your goals? If you face all these maybe digestion is your issue.

In this article, I would like to discuss digestion. What can be the attributes of an inefficient digestive system? And how to cure it, through 5 simple steps!

So let’s jump straight into it!

Ignite the Digestive Fire with this Simple Trick

Digestive fires are quintessential for your proper digestion, which in turn leads to muscle gain. To increase your digestive fire naturally, you can employ these two simple tricks:

  1. You need to let your hunger build. Try not to eat between meals, in that way you will feel more hungry and increase the digestive fires.
  2. Sip warm fluids to increase the digestive fires. You can sip warm water throughout the day to improve your digestion. Believe me, it works!

Do You Chew Your Food When You Eat Them? It Improves Digestion

Woman Worrying About Digestion

I’ve been guilty of gobbling up food, at one point in my life. Maybe you are too. And it is true with many people who don’t know the mind-boggling benefits of chewing your food properly.

Some time ago, I had an associate who seldom complained that he couldn’t reduce his eating no matter how hard he tried. Numerous dietings, promises, and oaths couldn’t coerce him to eat less. Normal helpings couldn’t full his belly at all.

Once, I had the leisure of watching him eat at an occasion. He literally gobbled up his food (It was actually too much) in a matter of minutes and was soon asking for more.

After quite a bit of research on this subject, I came to the conclusion that if we eat slowly we crave food lesser. It’s somewhat psychological. Our brain receives a signal when our stomach is full. But this signal takes some time to reach our brain.

So when we gobble up food, the brain doesn’t get signaled and hence we tend to eat more. This problem is cured when we chew food before we swallow them up.

Some sources suggest that we should chew each morsel 32 times before we swallow them up!

Remember Including Prebiotics and Probiotics in Your Diet to Improve Digestion

Prebiotics and Probiotics might be alien terms for you, but let me assure you these two are extremely helpful if you want to improve your digestive system.

Probiotics are present in the inner linings of our stomach.

So how will we take probiotics in our diet? There’s no need for external supplements; dahi or yogurt is a very good source of probiotics that we can take.

Prebiotics are nothing but the food of these probiotic bacteria. If we don’t include prebiotic bacteria in our diet, the probiotics will starve and perish.

Onion and Garlic are very good sources of prebiotics that we can have.

Don’t have Cold Water When You Have Your Meals to Increase your Digestion

I will explain this point with an example.

Our stomach needs a proper temperature to digest food properly. So if we have cold water or frozen desserts like ice-cream, the temperature of our stomach drops.

This leads to poor digestion.

Turn of your Mobiles and TV’s When You Have Your Food

This is the last tip, which if followed, can improve our digestion drastically! Our mouth secrets special saliva when we enjoy our food fully and focus on eating.

This special saliva helps us digest the food more easily and hence it will improve your digestion.

I myself was guilty of browsing my phone while eating, but I was persistent and didn’t give up. Eventually, I managed to overcome this habit and witnessed a massive change in my physique.

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