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How does Ashwagandha Increase Testosterone?

Many men suffer from Male Infertility. For them, ashwagandha is a very much important topic. You may feel shy to discuss this problem with your friends as this is something very much personal. Sometimes when you don’t find the proper reason for the problem that you are suffering from then you feel highly depressed. So I personally suggest you read all the topics carefully and find out the correct solution to your problem. It helps in the production of testosterone. It revitalizes the testosterone count in infertile men. This could help increase testosterone levels in stressed individuals by reducing the stress hormone cortisol. To get definite results I suggest you have this ideal doses are discussed below.


The 7 Benefits of This Powder

The 7 key benefits are – 

  1. Reduces cortisol levels
  2. Reduces symptoms of depression
  3. Boosts testosterone and increase fertility in men
  4. Increase muscle mass and strength
  5. Reduces blood sugar levels to normal
  6. Lowers cholesterol
  7. Intake of this medicine is safe as this is originated from ancient Ayurveda

ashwagandha is natural and ayurvedic but along with that, we need to have a healthy diet. so I have 5 best healthy diet plans that give you a perfect shape.

Side Effects of Ashwagandha

As it is an ancient ayurvedic medicine it doesn’t have so many side effects. But few of them are discussed here like however women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid it. Who are suffering from hyperthyroidism should also avoid the intake. Diabetes patients have to avoid intaking of this medicine. It may stimulate your immune system, potentially exacerbating immune diseases such as lupus, sclerosis, stomach ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis. Before you start consuming this it’s best to consult your doctor who has prior knowledge about it. As I know its possibly safe when taken for up to 3 months. for most healthy people I consider it safe. as far as I know, it is safe as it is totally Ayurvedic.

Correct Doses of Ashwagandha

Before taking any kind of medicine we must keep in mind that we must not over consume it. We must know the correct doses of the medicine which we are consuming. so I suggest Reducing stress and anxiety root extract to be taken 300mg twice daily after food or 240mg daily for 60 days daily may reduce stress and anxiety. I suggest reducing blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes this supplement taken for 30 days helped lower fasting blood sugar levels effectively 250mg to 3 grams and were generally split into 2-3 equal doses spread evenly over the day. Doses to boost fertility five grams of it per day may boost fertility in men as little as three months. Daily doses of 500mg of this may provide a small increase in muscle mass and strength in as little as seven weeks both effective for men and women.

4 Uses and effectiveness of Ashwagandha

Anxiety – research shows that taking this can reduce some symptoms of anxious mood.

Diabetes – some evidence has shown that consuming this might reduce blood sugar levels in peoples with diabetes.

High cholesterol – some evidence also showed that consuming this might reduce cholesterol levels in patients with high cholesterol.

Thyroid – people with thyroid have high blood levels.

Why Do Bodybuilders Take Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha has been shown to increase muscle mass and very much effective for the ones who are doing bodybuilding. Additionally, this helps you to reduce body fat and also increase strength. Some studies have shown that who take this medicine had significantly greater gains in muscle size and strength. Having this sometimes may make you feel energized from inside and as a result, you push heavy weights easily. I know this as the best pre-workout and post-workout supplement. And this is safe for everyone to have who doesn’t suffer from serious health disease can take this. Doses that I’ve mentioned above check respectively to get a bigger size and strength.

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