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Fitness Point |Asansol’s Oldest Gym – Gym Story

Asansol is the City of Brotherhood. People of this city are known for their kindness, camaraderie, and willingness to help each other in need. This city also has quite a big number of fitness enthusiasts and gyms. So today, In our latest Gym Story series I’m going to share with you the story of Asansol’s Oldest Gym, Fitness Point.

Please note all the facts that I’m going to discuss are based from my own research, and purely for infotainment purposes.

A Brief History of Asansol’s Gym

Today in 2020, Asansol flaunts quite a large number of gymnasiums and can be found almost in every locality. But this wasn’t like this always, things were totally different just years back.

The first gym in Asansol was established 25 years back, it was functional for just 1 year but then closed for some reason. After that, the first gym got divided into two other gyms.

Kip Fit in Police Line and another gym in Ashram More. After the first Chittaranjan based trainer left Kip Fit, Shankar Roy took over the reins and became the first trainer in Asansol.

Then 3 years later, Shankar Roy and his brother Shiv Roy inaugurated Fitness Point in the Shantinagar Area. This gym is currently the oldest gym in Asansol.

Opened on 28 February 2000, this year Fitness Point completed it’s 2020 years of service, and the business is booming for them.

Where and How is Fitness Point Today?

Fitness Point Gym

The day we met Fitness Point Gym’s trainer Shankar Roy, he was chilling outside enjoying the evening breeze as we asked questions.

Fitness Point right now is up and running successfully as it did for the past 20 years. Shankar Roy smiled as we asked him how much his gym changed since they opened it.

“We had to face a lot of problem as we opened this gym, 20 years back,” he recounted, sipping into his cup of coffee. ” It was the very first gym in Burnpur, and people were still skeptical about going to the gym to upgrade physique.”

Well people changed their minds. A lot of them did.

Fitness Point currently is a multi gym, with tons of equipment. Almost 200 of the Asansolians work-out here every day, of every age group.

The best part about this gym is that they keep upgrading their equipment every year, and it has almost every equipment necessary for a proper muscle gain.

The Future of Burnpur’s Oldest Gym

The future looks bright for this gym, as Shankar Roy disclosed his plans for taking this gym to the competition level. He contacted with Asansol Gym Fitness Sports Association. He plans to take his members to the bodybuilding line through this opportunity.

The only other gym in Asansol that provides this opportunity is KSS.

Mr. Shankar Roy also disclosed to us that he apparently replaced a lot of old equipment with new and more modern equipment. Making the gym extremely well equipped.

The Exact Location Of Fitness Point and it’s Fee Structure

Fitness Point Gym is located in Shantinagar Burnpur. It is just a few blocks away from the Shantinagar Vidya Mandir. It is apparently the oldest and biggest gym in that area.

The fee structure of this gym is:

Admission Fee: Rs 850

Monthly Charges: Rs 350

(Note: Readmission is mandatory if you fail to pay the monthly fee for three consecutive months)

The Veteran Trainer’s Advice for Today’s Youth

Shankar Roy shared an invaluable insight about the importance of exercise in our lives.

“Like we cannot start our day without brushing,” he said. ” We cannot start our without life without exercising.”

The veteran trainer is currently at his 50’s but still looks way younger than his age, and works out regularly.

He is totally against muscle gaining supplements like steroids and mass gainers. Most of his students take natural diet intake. He also recommends the youth to do home exercises during the lockdown.

And as we parted Shankar Roy expressed his dream of taking his gym to the apex. He wishes to train like this and take his gym to the apex, and keep training until the end of his days.

“I will do 10 squats and 10 push-ups, and then take my last breath,” Shankar Roy smiled and said, as we parted to leave.

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