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Tea vs Coffee! Which is Better For Your Body?

For the Indians, tea and coffee are drinks that are loved and consumed by almost everybody. If I talk about myself, I can’t think about a day I can spend without having a cup of hot sizzling tea. But is it good for health? Which is better, tea or coffee? Let’s find that out in Tea vs Coffee

In this article, I’ll discuss extensively the benefits of having tea and coffee. Are they actually good for health, or is some unhealthy addiction that needs to be treated?

We are about to find that out! Stick with me till the end.

Tea and Coffee! From Where Did They Come?

Before we talk about the benefits of these wildly popular beverages, let’s talk about the origin of these two drinks!

tea vs coffee

It’ll be a shock to many people (it did to me when I found this out) tea didn’t originate in India. This beverage originated in China ages ago in 2737 B.C.E. by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nong. Tea came to India in the 1800s by the British, and the first tea estates were established in Assam.

As for coffee, this popular beverage has been in India from before the times of the East India Company, through an Indian Saint Baba Budan. Earlier records suggest that it was grown by him in the fields of Chikmaglur, Karanataka.

Coffee originate earlier than tea, but is it better as an health option?

Tea or Coffee- Which is Good For Health?

Before we ask the question of tea vs coffee, we should know whether they are good for health?

Yes, they are actually beneficial for your health. Various scientific sources and the ancient texts of Ayurveda both talk extensively on the benefits of tea and coffee.

Tea and its variants (Black tea, Green tea, Oolong tea, etc.) are rich in antioxidants. Tea also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart attack. Tea is also rich in EGCG ( it is a type of phenol that can shrink fat cells, hence helps in weight loss).

Coffee also has its own sets of benefits. It is seen that coffee helps reduce the risk of prostate and colon cancer. Also, a recent study by the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that coffee reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Parkinson’s Disease.

It Can be Harmful If You Consume These Two Excessively

Tea and coffee have numerous benefits but it can become a bit cumbersome if you consume them excessively. This is because both these beverages have tannin and caffeine in them.

Coffee is higher in Caffeine, while tea has tannin. Tannin is harmful because it prevents the absorption of iron in the body, thus making us vulnerable to diseases like anemia. Caffeine, on the other hand, reduces the calcium of our bone and increases the heart rate and blood pressure.

Four Cups of tea/ coffee per day is okay and won’t cause any health degradation.

What Ayurveda Says About Tea and Coffee?

Ayurveda is against the notion of consuming tea and coffee every day. Some ancient Ayurvedic Texts suggest a special kind of tea, the Arjun tea. It has a plethora of benefits without any side effects and can keep our body healthy.

You can check out this article for more information on Arjun Tea.

So What is Better, Tea or Coffee?

So if you want my personal opinion on which is better, tea or coffee, I suggest keep this habit in check. Having them once or twice a day is okay, but if you can’t stay without it, you may consider switching.

You can chose healthier options over tea and coffee. Arjun Tea, Tulsi Tea, or Hot Chocolate are good options if you want good beverages.

For me, I prefer coffee.

So that’s it for today, you can also check out our article on Spirulina. Thank you!

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