7 Arms Exercises

7 Arms Exercises to Make them Pop Out!

If you’re aiming to build massive arms that truly pop out, you’d need to focus on building your biceps, triceps, and forearms. In this article, we bring you 7 Arms Exercises that are tried and tested by professionals. Try them out, if you’re looking for sure-shot results.

7 Arms Exercises

Men’s are obsessed over bigger arms because:

  • Girls adore bulging biceps.
  • Makes men confident.
  • Unlocks a plethora of other benefits.

These exercises will work for you if you’re diligent and consistent. The best part about them is that they guarantee quick results. You can also check out how to build proper shoulders at home.

Incline Bicep Curls

A slight variation to the normal bicep curls, this particular exercise ensures greater focus on your biceps so that they grow quickly.

How to Incline Bicep Curl

  • On an incline bench, hold each dumbbell at an arm’s length.
  • Focusing on your biceps, curl the dumbbell until it reaches your shoulder.
  • Slowly lower them down to your side.
  • Repeat.
  • For maximum results, turn your wrists a bit and point your elbows towards the ground during the reps.

Concentration Curls

You only require one dumbbell to perform this exercise. To do this exercise, you must:

  • Sit down on a bench with your left arm resting against your left leg.
  • Let the weight hang down.
  • Slowly curl the weight up, pause, then again lower slowly.

Repeat the same with the other arm.

Underhand Seated Cable Row

This exercise requires the availability of a cable row machine. But don’t worry; this is common equipment most gyms possess. To do this exercise:

  • Bend your knees and hold the bar, shoulder-width apart.
  • Lean back a bit and keep your back straight.
  • Use the back muscles to pull the bar towards your belly button.
  • Slowly return the bar to the starting position.
  • Repeat.

Triangle Pushup

This variation of pushups can work wonders for your arms if done properly. It especially targets the triceps. To do this:

  • Get into the traditional pushup position with your hands and toes on the floor.
  • Position the hands in such a way that they form a triangle.
  • Keep the torso straight and lower your body such that your nose comes near your hands.
  • Push back up.
  • Repeat.


This is one of the most popular of the 7 arms exercises shown in this list. You’ll need a dip bar (available in most gyms) to perform this exercise. To do this:

7 Arms Exercises
  • Get into the dip position.
  • Grip each bar with your arms straight by your side.
  • Don’t let the knees touch the floor. Bend them if you want.
  • Slowly bend your elbows and lower your body, until your upper arms are parallel to the floor.
  • Straighten your arms and return to the starting position.
  • Repeat.

Grip Crush

This exercise will aid you to build your forearms effectively. To do this:

  • Sit while resting your wrist and lower arm on a flat surface while holding the dumbbell.
  • Relax and let the dumbbell roll towards your fingertips.
  • Then, tighten your arms and curl your wrist up by squeezing the dumbbell as hard as possible.
  • Repeat the exercise.

Behind the Back Cable Curl

You’ll need access to a gym and a cable curl machine to execute this exercise. To do this, you must:

  • Hold the handle of the low pulley using your left hand.
  • Place your right foot slightly in front of your left.
  • Take few steps backward.
  • Curl your arm upwards towards your shoulder.
  • Pause, and then lower it slowly to its initial position.
  • Repeat the exercise.

Let’s Wrap Up

That concludes our list of 7 Arms exercises that will make them pop out fast. Did you like it, or perhaps want to add something to the list?

Feel free to use our comment section. 

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