Brahmacharya vs NoFap

Brahmacharya or NoFap: Brahmacharya in Hinduism literally means “conduct consistent with Brahman” or “on the path of Brahman”. brahmacharya and Nofap both may show similar benefits. But both are totally different from each other. Historically brahmacharya referred to a stage of life (asrama) within the Vedic ashram system. Ancient Hindu culture divided the human lifespan into four stages: brahmacharya, grihastha, vanaprastha, and sannyasa.

Brahmacharya is a lifestyle that one selects to become successful in life, sometimes one follows it to heal from reproduction diseases naturally. Also, few follows this path by choice. It has a much broader meaning in life, if one can follow this path strictly, then they can be rewarded with superpowers like: Virya Labha, increase the power of getting knowledge, helps you to keep patience, Rocket-like Energy, it increases the memory power and other benefits as well.

Brahmacharya or NoFap

Lord Shiva is considered the embodiment of the ideal Brahmachari, who practiced this discipline with utmost dedication. You must know the motto of brahmacharya . There are many who just out of sheer ego want to follow brahmacharya. Remember they often fail.

Lord Shiva is often depicted as the Lord of Yogis, emphasizing the importance of self-control and renunciation of worldly desires to attain spiritual realization. You have to live a life full of awareness. Company of holy people or Brahamcharis are also a great aid.

Whereas nofap is just a term that is nothing but no masturbation, or preventing the loss of semen. But again following nofap can be rewarding in your #exual life.

A saint is a sinner who never gave up.

~Paramhansa Yogananda

Which is more Beneficial Brahmacharya or NoFap?

Below are the 9 top benefits of Brahmacharya:

  1. Virya Labha from practice of Brahmacharya.
  2. Heal all reproduction diseases naturally.
  3. Increase the power of getting knowledge.
  4. Helps you to keep patience.
  5. It will develop good eating and sleeping habits.
  6. Thinking positive thoughts in the mind.
  7. It increases the memory power.
  8. Rocket like energy.
  9. See every woman as Divine Mother.
Brahmacharya or NoFap

Below are the 6 top benefits of NoFap:

  1. Incredible Energy to pursue your goals.
  2. Massive Increase in Motivation and Self Belief.
  3. Spike in Testosterone Levels.
  4. Superhuman Confidence.
  5. An alpha-male vibe, that women drool after.
  6. Clarity and sharpness in thought.

Brahmacharya means you want to liquidate the limited quantities of physicality that you are in, so that it will move towards Brahma, the source of creation.

Is it too hard to Practice Brahmacharya or NoFap?

If I talk about Bramhacharya, yes it is very hard to practice Brahmacharya. But it is worth it. There are many definitions for brahmacharya. Some people consider that even having a #exual thought is against brahmacharya. But it is quite impossible in this day and age as we are bombarded with images loaded with #exual innuendo.

The power you feel is overwhelming. Only a person who does it can feel it. You will know it is divine power. I would do this coupled with mindfulness meditation, chakra meditation, gayathri mantra and cold showers.

Brahmacharya or NoFap

According to NoFap’s website, there aren’t any hard-set rules per se.

The community encourages participants to abstain from porn use, masturbation and possibly partner sex for a set amount of time (porn/masturbation/orgasm or PMO).

PM-Mode is a set of parameters where the rebooter abstains from both pornography and masturbation, but allows themselves to engage in sex and have orgasms. This is a popular choice among rebooters who have partners or are otherwise sexually active. This mode isn’t as commonly practiced among our members as “Hard Mode”, in part because many excessive porn users are not sexually active.

Brahmacharya or NoFap

PM-Mode is sometimes referred to as “Normal Mode,” in order to distinguish it from “Hard Mode,” which is the nickname for PMO-Mode (below). However, PM-Mode is not particularly easy and offers its own pitfalls. The “Chaser Effect” (see Pitfalls, below) is a common problem for PM-Mode rebooters. Furthermore, we speculate that the occasional bath of dopamine PM-Mode that rebooters experience when having sex may make for a slower reboot.

How Brahmacharya is different from NoFap

The concepts of Brahmacharya and NoFap both involve abstaining from certain sexual behaviors, but they originate from different cultural, philosophical, and motivational contexts:

Cultural and Philosophical Origin:

Brahmacharya: In Hinduism, Brahmacharya is a principle that traditionally refers to celibacy or sexual abstinence, particularly as part of the path of spiritual growth and self-realization. It is considered one of the traditional virtues (yamas) in Hindu philosophy, especially within the context of yoga and spiritual practices.

NoFap: NoFap is a contemporary internet-based movement that emerged primarily in online communities. It encourages individuals to abstain from pornography consumption and masturbation, often for reasons related to personal development, self-improvement, and mental well-being. NoFap is not inherently tied to any specific religious or philosophical tradition.

Scope of Abstinence:

Brahmacharya: In Hinduism, Brahmacharya typically encompasses a broader range of practices beyond just abstaining from pornography and masturbation. It may include celibacy as well as moderation in sexual activity for individuals who are not celibate. Brahmacharya also involves controlling and channeling sexual energy towards spiritual pursuits.

NoFap: NoFap focuses specifically on refraining from pornography consumption and masturbation. It does not necessarily prescribe celibacy or abstaining from sexual activity altogether but emphasizes avoiding these specific behaviors believed to be detrimental to mental and emotional well-being.

Motivations and Goals:

Brahmacharya: The practice of Brahmacharya is often pursued as a means of spiritual growth, self-discipline, and awakening. It is believed that by conserving and redirecting sexual energy, individuals can attain higher levels of consciousness, inner peace, and enlightenment.

NoFap: NoFap participants typically pursue abstaining from pornography and masturbation for reasons such as increased confidence, mental clarity, improved relationships, and a sense of empowerment. The goals often revolve around personal development, self-control, and overcoming addiction-like behaviors.

What Does the Path of Brahmacharya Involve?

Question: What does the path of brahmacharya involve? And how can one know if one is capable of living like that?

According to Sadhguru (Founder of Isha Foundation): Brahmacharya means to be like the breeze – that is, you do not stick to anything. The breeze is going everywhere, but we do not know where it is coming from right now. Brahmacharya means simply being life – to live the way you were born – alone. Even if your mother happened to bear twins, you were still born alone. Brahmacharya means to be in a very close association with the Divine and to live like that.

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