a discussion on mental health

A Brief Discussion on Mental Health? The Modern-Day Ailment Most Avoid

Before we begin our discussion on Mental health, I want to ask you about someone. Do you remember that one guy in your class who was always silent? Do you remember how he was always alone, frightened, and less talkative?

a discussion on mental health

Yes. What if I say that the same guy is now a business owner and has employees over 500?  Great shocking news right? And what if I say that boy you ignored in your classroom is no more? Sad shocking news, right? And what are the things that turned him into a successful person or a dead one?

Let’s talk about him. He was ill. He was facing mental challenges and fighting inside himself on a daily basis in this real cruel world where nobody gives a damn about him. In one he won and in one he died.

Let me tell you, mental issues are real. We all go through this. We all suffer in this and I am very happy and very delighted to say that we are now recognizing mental health issues as a real problem. People are now realizing how dangerous and real a threat it is. Thankfully, there is now help available for all those that need it; from therapy for teens finding it difficult to navigate the road to adulthood, to mental health care services for seniors struggling to cope with the realities of old age.

So what are we going to do here? We are going to dive deep into the sector of mental health and the challenges everyone faces. This would be a series where we will discuss the technical and psychological points and my personal views on dealing with these conditions. So let’s start now.

What is Mental Illness? What causes it?

As we all know we all have different personality traits. Some of us are introverts some of us are extroverts and we all have different likes, dislikes, passions, and some personal life choices. Some want quiet times alone while some want to be around people.

But although we all have a style of living our lives we can easily see who is suffering in their life. They have some common habits. For example, they always want to be alone, they don’t participate in any activity and they rarely have friends.

Often you can see them struggle within and having a tough day, you can see them crying sometimes, sometimes laughing more than they need. They have weird thought processes for example having dark and cruel or suicidal thinking patterns. Often they don’t even try to be happy.

But we all need to mature enough to understand whether a person does have a mental illness or he is just sad or stressed.

Like our body gets sick, our mind too. The basic fundamental formula is for body and mind is the same. Its’ input, process, and output. On the basis of this formula, it would be no wrong to say that every mental illness is caused by some bad input for our mind.

It can be a trauma, stress for a very long time, bad circumstances like a war or flood or witnessing a riot, losing a loved person. A very long-lasting continuous physical torture can also make people mentally sick.

Discussion on Mental health: How many Types of Mental Issues?

a discussion on mental health

There are several types of mental illness. These areas numerous as sands on a beach. But we are going to have a little bit of knowledge of some of them which are major and actually are parents of all disorders.

  1. Anxiety
  2. Major depressive disorder
  3. Bipolar disorder
  4. Psychotic disorder
  5. Eating disorder
  6. Impulse control and addiction disorder
  7. Personality disorder
  8. Sleeping disorder

How to deal with it when it seems that we are going through these conditions?

Believe it or not, we all go through mental disorders on some level. We all fight, we all struggle within. And we all need to be ready for incidents happening to us and we must know how to deal with them.

 Like I already said before. All the processes in this world have 3 steps; input, process, and output. When we are talking about our mind we can use this simple formula to reduce our sickness to an extent.

Although in some extreme conditions we must go to the experts in the field and those are psychiatrists and psychologists.

Here are some useful habits you must develop to stand against all your odds:

  1. Exercise
  2. Meditation
  3. Healthy food habits.
  4. Have some breaks
  5. Be a part of a community
  6. Having a person you love & admire
  7. Spiritual teachings and practices.

Let’s Discuss the Habits you need to Develop Mental Health

  1. Exercise: It is well known that your body and your mind have a strong and unique connection. They both guide each other, fight for each other and heal each other. Being involved in high intensity exercises releases feel-good hormones in your body and it gives you a sense of happiness.
  2. Meditation: Meditation is a very popular way of keeping our minds calm and balanced. Few minutes of absolute silence in your mind can give you the power to be in harmony with your thoughts and emotions.
  3. Healthy food habits: Believe me, what you eat may lead you to depression. Many processed food like meat, sweet desserts, and fried foods can give you depression. So have an eye on your plate. Use this exceptional ayurvedic diet chart that can improve your health drastically.
  4. Have some breaks: Taking breaks between your works is a good choice. It relaxes you, gives you energy, and rests on your mind.
  5. Be a part of a community: we, humans are social animals and it is a very good action to be in a growing, healthy and open group. This type of community can lead you to be open up about your problems, can indulge you in different activities and most importantly they will become a supporting pillar of your life in your dark times. They also have a deep discussion on mental health which can help you get knowledgeable.
  6. Having a person you love & admire: when you feel alone and broken and you know there is a person whom you can rely on. You can share your feelings and he or she won’t judge you. It’s a blessing for you. Keep them.
  7. Spiritual teaching and practices: spiritual teachings give you a solid moral ground and this can change your life. This can nourish your life.

Have an understanding of your loved ones.

Mental disorders are very common nowadays. And I wish that none of you go through the extreme of these. But what I want from all readers that have your eyes ears open and your heart warm towards your loved ones.

It may happen that they are going through these and you probably didn’t even notice yet. Go and if you find that anyone in your contacts is having a mental illness; keep an arm on their shoulder, give them a hug and say that you love them.

It’s extremely important to have a discussion on mental health with your loved ones. If you’ve got any questions or experiences regarding this topic, feel free to use the comment section.

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