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How much should we Rest Between Sets of an Exercise?

How much should we rest between sets? What is the correct duration that benefits muscle building? Is rest important? Most of our clients have asked us this question. If you have this question as well, then congratulations, this article is going to clear all the doubts on this topic, once and for all.

In this article, we’re going to discuss:

  • Why is rest-time important?
  • How much rest is necessary?
  • What happens if you don’t take proper rest?

So having that said, let’s jump into the information straight away.

Why Rest-Time between Sets is Important?

rest between sets

If you’re aiming to build a proper physique naturally, you must aim to turn every possible factor to your advantage. The duration of your rest dictates the intensity of your workout and it can affect your body-building goals.

Depending upon your training type, strength training, or fat loss, your rest timings should vary. It helps you gain the most out of your workout without injuring yourself.

How much should we Rest between Sets?

The duration of your rest depends upon the type and intensity of your workout. We’ve mentioned several popular training programs people undertake and their rest timings below:

Any High-Intensity Regimen: 30 – 45 Seconds

Circuit Training: 30 – 45 Seconds

Strength Training: 2 – 3 Minutes

Fat Loss Training: 60 Seconds

As you can see how the duration varies in each program. Taking longer breaks is essential when you’re lifting heavy for strength. It lets the muscle recover and regains strength so that you can lift heavier.

Whereas, if you’re aiming for muscle hypertrophy, i.e. lifting to build muscle size, 1-minute rest between sets is optimal.    

What happens if we don’t maintain Proper Rest Timings?

Not maintaining proper rest timings can affect your overall muscle gains and even muscle injuries in extreme cases. Hence, to reap maximum rewards from your workout, follow the proper allotted timings for your workout.

Wrapping it Up

That concludes our say on how much should we rest between sets of an exercise. If you’ve got any query, or want to add something we missed, feel free to use the comment section. 

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