how long should we workout

How long should we Workout Every day for Optimal Muscle Gains?

Does working out for a longer duration guarantee enhanced muscle development? Or is it the other way around? It’s a very important question you should ask if you want to speed up your muscle-building process. How long should we workout every day?

how long should we workout

You might have seen gym buffs killing 2-3 hours each day, trying out various muscle groups. Hold your horses before you replicate them. 

What might work for a seasoned bodybuilder may not be great for you. So what should be the perfect length of our workout sessions?

How long should we work out?

If you’re exercising just to keep your body fit and healthy, I’d suggest 40-45 minutes of a workout should be enough to achieve your goals.

However, things get trickier if you’re someone who wants to build or gain muscle. In this case, you need to work out for at least 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes for optimal gains. Make sure you include a 10 minutes warm-up session in between to avoid over-stressing your muscles.

Suppose you’re doing 4 exercises of a muscle group and doing 4 reps each, you need at least one hour to achieve this. Make sure to include proper 1-2 minute rests in between workouts.

What if it’s not working?

Now, what if you’re still not getting your desired gains? You may be lacking the proper workout intensity. Ask yourself if you fully utilize every second you spend in the gym. In most cases, it has been found that people (mostly beginners) fail to perk up the intensity they put in their workout sessions.

However, don’t fret if you’re failing to perk up your workout intensity. It builds up naturally with time and practice. In the meantime, you can easily recover the intensity loss by increasing your workout volume.

So, what should you do?

Now coming back to the question, how long should we workout for optimal muscle gains? For most people, a 1 hour to 1 hour and 30-minute workout session should be enough. 

Only make sure your workout has proper intensity. Even a 45-minute workout with deadly intensity is always better than a 1 hour 30 minute one with low intensity. So, focus on building your intensity.

Wrapping it up!

I hope this article helped answer how long should we workout? However, before we wrap this up I’d like to remind you that there isn’t any hard and fast rule for bodybuilding. 

What might work for you may not work for someone else, so keep researching and try new things to amplify your gains! You can also check out the perfect time to work out for optimal results.

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