body without steroids

Can we Build a Body without Steroids? Benefits of Natural Bodybuilding

We all must admit after we get serious about the bodybuilding game, a question comes whether we can build our body without steroids? It’s nice to see those gym buffs chugging sipper full of steroids and benching tons of pounds. They may lure you into buying those drugs, but is that the only way?

body without steroids

Natural bodybuilding encourages relying on proper exercise, diet, and lifestyle to gain muscle. It promotes the discontinuation of external/ banned steroids or supplements to enhance the muscle-building process.

In this article, we’re going to talk about natural bodybuilding and its benefits. So, ask your supplement selling instructor to wait for a moment and read the facts.

The Truth About Supplements

What are supplements? In my beginning days, I was told by my instructor that they are the only way to build a proper physique. Maybe many of you have heard this line true. Is it true?

NO! Absolutely not. You don’t need to push syringes or gulp tablets to make your dream physique. Supplements are just add-ons. The main purpose of taking supplements is to fulfill the nutrient requirement lacking in your food. 

Why People Take Supplements (The Real Reason)

Now, the question arises – “Why do people take Supplements?

Your lifestyle dictates whether you need supplements or not. People take supplements in order to make up for the lack of nutrients in their diet. That’s it. Whether it is proteins, amino acids, omega-3, or vitamins; if you can fulfill them through diet, you won’t need supplements.

People prefer taking supplements over diet because it’s faster and easier.

What should you do to Build a Proper Physique (Without Supplements)?

To build a body without steroids you need to increase the amount of macronutrient intake, i.e. proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. That’s all you need to build a respectable physique and meet your fitness goals.

Don’t trust me? Read 10 Natural Bodybuilders who are Ripped without Steroids.

5 Benefits of Natural Bodybuilding

My sole purpose in writing this article was to influence people to quit drug-based bodybuilding. These 5 benefits of natural bodybuilding can encourage you to build a body without steroids. Also, share this among your friends to spread the knowledge.

Overall Health

Natural bodybuilding is a slow long-term process. It’s exceptionally healthy for you, enhances body flexibility and heart health. 

Using steroids regularly can be extremely harmful to your overall health and wellness.

No need for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Drugged bodybuilders need to go through a PCT after a competition to go off the cycle. It’s evident how strenuous steroids can be for your body if taken in a long term. 

steroids and drugs

Natural bodybuilders don’t need to go through such nonsense.   


Do you want to stay healthy and in form for a long time? Natural bodybuilding does that for you. How many drugged bodybuilders have you seen who are active in their 60’s or 70’s? It’s normal for natural bodybuilders to achieve this feat. 

If you want fitness rather than showoff, natural bodybuilding is the thing you need.

Proper Conditioning

It ensures proper conditioning of your body. If you build your body without steroids, rest assured that you won’t be facing any problems regarding the dryness or unevenness of your body. It creates an even sculpture-like physique.

Improved Aesthetics

Natural bodybuilding improves your aesthetics and skin quality. Your health will show through your skin, and it’ll be hard to find any skin-related issues. 


In the end, I’d repeat the fact that it’s possible and advisable to build a body without steroids/ supplements. You can go for harmless products like whey protein or creatine, but nothing more if you wish to be healthy.

Feel free to use the comment section for any queries or clarifications. 

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