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How to Bulk up Quickly and Naturally (For Beginners)

If you’re a hard gainer or someone who can’t see favorable results despite months of training, this article is just for you. When looking for “How to Bulk up Quickly and Naturally”, the first thing you need is a proper plan, and the determination to work it tills the end.

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Bulking up is not an easy job, but with the right diet and training regimen, most of you are likely to see visible results in a short amount of time. In this article, we bring to you, 5 Hacks that are tested over time and will aid you immensely in your body-building journey.

Follow these hacks if you want to:

  • Bulk up quickly and naturally.
  • Started gym and don’t know what to do next.
  • Can’t see visible results despite months of practice.

So, let’s get started.

You are Ignoring the Carbs

This is one of the greatest mistakes most of us make after starting a gym. We all have heard from one of the gym bros or a YouTube video that protein is necessary for a Herculean physique. But in our quest of hoarding protein, we seldom forget to consume a proper amount of carbohydrates.

Carbs are quintessential for our muscle growth, and consuming them regularly in a proper quantity can:

  • Cause a boost up of glycogen in your muscle cells.
  • Gives you more energy during your training.
  • Helps to lift heavier weights.

Rice, oats, sweet potatoes, bananas, etc. are good sources of carbohydrates.

Going Old School

This tip on how to bulk up may sound odd to some of my readers, but yes old school still works. Nowadays, a plethora of different training regimens has sprouted up which recommend supersets or circuits.

 Although some of them are effective for improving your general health and losing few pounds, it’s ill-advised to use them when bulking up.

When you’re packing muscles, it’s very important to complete every single set of a particular exercise before moving to the next. This is the old-school method. Also, make sure to take 1-3 minutes of rest in between sets for muscle recovery.

You are Ignoring the Proteins

Proteins are the building blocks of your muscle. If you’ve been in the bodybuilding game for some time, you will know the importance trainers put on the consumption of protein. It is essential for bulking up as it provides amino acids which are quintessential for building and repairing muscles.

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The addition of a proper amount of protein to your diet will give a boost to the amino acid levels and will drastically optimize your overall muscle growth. 

Foods like meat, fish, eggs, etc. are good sources of protein for muscle building. There are also various vegetarian protein sources available in the market.

Divide your Meals into Smaller Meals

When trying to bulk it is advisable to divide your meals into five or six smaller meals throughout the day. 

This ensures your body receives a stable supply of amino acids which aids in building and repairing your muscles.

You can also add a protein shake half an hour post your workout session to amplify your growth. Protein shakes promote muscle growth by boosting the anabolic hormone production in your body.

 Check out our “Homemade Protein Shake Recipe” for a cheap but equally effective alternative.

You Have to Eat

If you want to bulk, you have to eat. It’s as simple as that. Make it a mission to increase your eating gradually. It won’t be easy, and you won’t succeed immediately, but with consistent efforts, it is possible to increase your eating capacity manifold.

One of the strategies is to go one step at a time. Increase the quantity very slowly so that your body can adapt to the change. 

I guarantee that you’ll be surprised to see the drastic change in your body and appetite after a month.

Wrapping it up!

That concludes our take on How to Bulk up Quickly and Naturally. If you’ve got any doubts or want to add something we missed, feel free to leave us a comment. 

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