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Motivational Movies that Will Pump you to Workout Hard!

We all love watching motivational movies, don’t we? Well most of us do, and specifically we Indian’s tend to get inspired more by movies. The mere fact that we call our actors “heroes” proves this theory.

The hard hitting high-flying moves by the likes of Tiger Shroff or Vidyut Jammwal makes us gawk at the screen with awe (at least for me). Whereas some movies, feature such brilliant stories of hardwork and persistence, they inspire us to work hard and be something in life.

In this article, we’d like feature 5 Motivational movies that will pump you to hit the gym harder.

NOTE: The list presented here is not based on any actual rating or reviews. It’s totally based on my opinion.

Having that said, let’s begin. Click here if you want to read about Top 10 Motivational Songs of Bollywood.

motivational movies

#5 – Chak De India (2007)

Directed by Shimit Amin, Chak De India is no less than a cult classic movie. Most of you may have already seen this fantastic movie and immensely mesmerized by its story-telling and acting performance.

The story of this film is about an ex-hockey player, Kabir Khan who turns around an under performing team, eventually making them the world champions.

The Indian Superstar, Shah Rukh Khan portrayed the role of Kabir Khan in this movie. I guarantee a roller-coaster ride of emotions when you watch this film.

Shah Rukh’s mesmerizing acting, along with the equally gripping story of the Indian Female Hockey Team is sure to make you inspired to workout harder!

#4 – Dangal (2016)

Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, the #4 Movie on this list is Dangal. This movie was a success both critically and commercially, and is sure to provide you tremendous boosts of inspiration every time you watch this.

It is the 2nd Women empowering movie in this list after Chak De India. The main story revolves around Mahavir Singh Phogat and his two daughter Geeta and Babita Phogat, as they train to be wrestlers.

With casting like Aamir Khan, Fatima Sana Sheikh, Sanya Malhotra, Sakshi Tanwar, and Zaira Wasim, Dangal is a must watch if you are looking for a damn good inspirational movie.

#3 – Rocky 3 (1982)

Directed by Sylvester Stallone, it would be a sin if I didn’t put a rocky movie in this list of best motivational movies. What can I say about this movie? From it’s acting performances, to the story, to the exceptional soundrack, every aspect of Rocky 3 smells of motivation.

I’m yet to see a person who hasn’t pumped after hearing The Eye of the Tiger (song from Rocky 3). The movie is the third installment of Rocky Franchise, where Rocky Balboa (played by Sylvester Stallone) goes against Clubber Lang for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The movie expertly portrays how a man falls for pride, then gets back on his feet. It’s a sheer must watch!

#2 – The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Directed by Gabriele Muccino, this exceptional film tells the real life story of Chris Garder and how he managed to gather his fortune. This movie features father-son duo Will and Jaden Smith in the lead roles.

If you think being from a poor background means you won’t succeed in life, then you must watch this film. This movie tells how Chris and his son are literally exposed to every hardship a man a face, and how they’ll overcome them.

The deep message this film portrays will surely inspire you to never give up!

#1 – Rocky (1976)

Directed by John G. Avildsen, literally no other movie could take the #1 spot in my list, other than Rocky. I have no issue in proclaiming that I’m an out’n’out Rocky fan (Two Rocky Movies Feature in this List), and you would be too once you watch this gem.

The story revolves around the rags to riches journey of Rocky Balboa. The titular character, fantastically played by Sylvester Stallone will make you relive his journey.

Watch how an underdog boxer get’s a chance to face the World Heavyweight Champion, and how he utilizes that opportunity. If this movie doesn’t motivate you, I dunno what will?

That concludes my list of Top 5 Motivational Movies folks! Thanks for reading.

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