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Muscle Building 101: Rules that You Need to Follow to Build Big Muscles!

If you are a beginner to the gym, or the fitness industry, the very first question you might ask yourself is “How can I get those Popeye Biceps?” or maybe, “Is There a Muscle Building 101, that can help me to build muscles faster?”

Well, I’m glad you asked this question early on ( my deepest condolences, if you’re not a beginner), because in this article you’re about to find out how you can build your muscles faster.

Read this till the end, and if you have got any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments section. We answer within an hour. So let’s get started without any further delay.

#5 Muscle Building 101: Devise a Game Plan!

Whenever you hit the gym, you must be ready for some purpose. I’ve seen a lot of people walk into the gym and just loiter around trying different machines and items at will.

Muscle Building 101

Some people think having a game plan means just working out a particular muscle group.

Having a game plan is way more than lifting weights, it’s about designing a step by step plan that hits all your targeted muscle groups and helps in the proper muscle group. You can also read The Ultimate Guide to An Effective Workout Split if you are facing trouble planning your workout routine!

So that’s our rule #1. Don’t be instinctive, come with a plan!

#4 Don’t be Guided by Numbers! Put Your Best Efforts

The #2 rule of the Muscle Building 101 is a really important one, and generally, most people do it wrong.


I made the same mistake when I first started out in my gym. I used to make a mental note that I need to hit this much reps on this exercise. And whenever I hit the desired number, I let go of the weights, even though I still had the energy to carry on.

Don’t repeat my mistakes. Throw the numbers out of the window and hit as many reps as you still can.

This technique will increase your workout intensity manyfold, and you will be able to reach your bodybuilding targets faster.

#3 Intensify Each Set With These Techniques!

This stage differentiates the winners from the losers. Don’t let go of the dumbbells/ machine once you finish your reps. Hold on for a moment, gather your strength, and pull of a couple of extra reps.

This will make your muscles work the hardest, and you’ll squeeze the best bit out of your workout.

So in the Muscle Building 101 Tip #3, Don’t let go of your weights!

#2 Never Ignore Interset Rest Times!

Some of my clients often complain of slow growth, even though they workout hard (according to them) at the gym. But whenever I checked out their workout, I found that they wasted their interset rest periods by fooling around with their phones.

Never make this mistake. Set a timer whenever you rest in between your reps.

#1 Know that You Need to Recover for Growth

If you don’t rest, you perish. Rest is the quintessential part of your body building routine, and that’s why it’s the #1 Rule in the Muscle Building 101 of

Even though you workout very hard, and put all your efforts into your workout, if you ignore your sleep you’ll fail to reap the rewards of your workout.

So get adequate rest.

The Conclusion

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