covid-19 recovery

The Ultimate Lifestyle Plan for a Faster COVID-19 Recovery

To prepare your body for a fight against the deadly pandemic, brings you the COVID-19 Recovery Guidelines to help recover and stay protected from this deadly pandemic.

Have you ever tried to plant a seed in infertile soil? It’s foolish to do so as the plant would die instantly. The very same logic works in the case of the COVID-19 virus. If somehow we manage to improve our immunity, we could make ourselves infertile for the virus to flourish inside us and make a fast recovery.

covid-19 recovery

This article applies for you, if you want to:-

  • Recover from COVID-19 faster.
  • Protect yourself from contracting the disease.
  • Increase your overall health and immunity.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

It’s Time to Start Your Day in a Healthy Way for a Quick COVID-19 Recovery

Do you know that the symptoms of the cold are at their peak the moment you wake up? So to defend yourself in this crucial time you can consider following these tips.

  • Drink a lukewarm/ hot water empty stomach first thing you wake up in the morning. This acts as an antidote against the cold symptoms, hence keeps you protected.
  • Include an exercise/ yoga session for 15-20 minutes. We need to keep our lungs in peak conditions if we hope to counter this disease. Yoga exercises like- Kapalabhati, Anulom Vilom, Jalandhar Bandh, etc., are quintessential for your optimum health.
  • Drink tulsi kadha, giloy juice, amla juice, etc., for boosted immunity. You just need to have a glass of either one of them every day.
  • Have a healthy/ protein-rich breakfast. Most preferably homemade.
  • Avoid overeating as it’s best not to stress your digestion too much.’

Here Are Some Healthy Fillers in case you Feel Hungry

Don’t resort to junk food if you feel hungry in between your meals as it delays the COVID-19 recovery . It is best to include healthy fruits if you ever feel the need for snack items.

Mango, muskmelon, pomegranate, peach, dates, etc., are recommended over watery fruits such as watermelons, bananas, or sugarcanes.

healthy foods

When it’s Time for Lunch, These are the Items you can Munch!

Lunch is a very important meal of the day, it is critical to eat the correct food at this time to ensure proper health.

Consider having Missi Roti along with seasonal vegetables. Lauki, tinda, beetroot, karela, pumpkin, capsicum, etc., can work wonders for your body if you can include them in your diet. Yeah, they are good even if they taste yucky!

Semi brown rice with green/ moong dal is also a good option for lunch.


Time for the Evening Filler

If you’re someone like me, you’ll be most vulnerable to junk food during the evening. Fill your appetite with bhuna chana or dates before jump towards something unhealthy.

Spicy moong dal water is also a quick and easy evening filler option.

A Well Balanced Dinner can make you a Winner!

Now as we’ve controlled our emotions and restrained ourselves only to healthy foods, it’s time to end the day in style.

These items are good for a proper dinner meal:

  • Chana Soup/ any vegetable soup.
  • Tomato soup with Makhana.
  • Khichdi.
  • Besan Sheera.
  • Daliya.
  • Milk (Just before bed).

Avoid having fruits, salads, coconuts, etc., namely, anything that has a cooling nature at night. Also, avoid being an owl and sleep on time. Proper sleeping habits can work wonders for your immunity.

Join us to Fight this Pandemic. works tirelessly towards bringing you proper knowledge about health and fitness so that you and your family can stay protected. Help us in our fight, share this article among your friends, and take proper COVID-19 protections all the time.

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Follow the above-mentioned tips and use the comment box to inspire others with your own COVID-19 recovery story.

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