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How Celery Juice is Good for your Health?

Celery juice is the best drink for your health. This juice is rich in essential nutrients and is all way beneficial for health. For many persons who suffer from constipation, this is the best drink. Research also showed that it can fight infections. Most amazingly during COVID-19 people around the world are looking for a natural immunity booster drink. Celery juice is considered a natural immunity booster drink. It contains powerful antimicrobial properties that fight against infection. Rest we will discuss how it is the best to drink for you to read to know more.

5 Most Amazing Celery Juice Benefits

  1. It contains rich antioxidants – a study showed that it contains a flavonoid called apigenin and has shown to kill cancer cells.
  2. Low sugar content – If you are currently losing weight, then this juice is a healthier option than sugary beverages. 
  3. May prevent you from constipation – Many persons who suffer from constipation for them this is the best drink. It’s good for constipation.
  4. Enhances digestive system – this juice activates and heals by restoring hydrochloric acid which helps you digest things faster.
  5. Rich in minerals and vitamins – celery is high in silicon, calcium, and vitamin K and additionally it may also strengthen bones.
celery juice

Easy Recipe for Homemade Celery Juice

Here we will learn step by step process how to extract celery and get the juice out of it.

  1. Cut celery bunches into pieces.
  2. Wash all the pieces with water.
  3. Cut them into even smaller pieces.
  4. Put celery pieces into a juicer.
  5. Switch on the juicer, and the homemade celery juice is already.
  6. Enjoy drinking the juice.

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30 Days Celery Juice Resulted Weight Loss?

As every women and girl want a slim figure this everyday drink may result in weight loss and they will get the figure they are desiring. Not only weight loss but also celery juice works magically for those who are suffering from high blood pressure. Some studies also showed that it also contains dietary fiber which boosts weight loss and digestion. Along with it, I would suggest you do weight loss workouts for faster weight loss results. Celery also contains a high percentage of electrolytes and water as a result it prevents dehydration.

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Is Celery Juice a Good Remedy for Blood Pressure?

It is very unfortunate that so many people are now suffering from blood pressure which ultimately may result in cardiac arrest or stroke. Can this juice be considered as a remedy for blood pressure? Several studies have shown that celery juice consumption may help prevent cardiac arrest, stroke, lowers blood pressure, and also may reduce plaque in arteries. Surprisingly drinking this juice regularly may help prevent cardiovascular diseases, urinary tract obstruction, jaundice, liver disease, rheumatic disorders, and gout. Overall this can give you magical results.

Celery juice

What can you put in Celery Juice to Make it Taste Better?

There are several ways to make it taste better. But before that please note celery juice is most powerful when you drink it solo. It may taste bad, or you might not like the taste of this juice. Bad taste means it is powerful, it will work a lot more than packaged juices. Sometimes you also need a change of taste then you can also add in items like spinach, parsley, cilantro, kale, and apples. This will be kind of a mixed juice at a different time than your straight celery juice. There is also another recipe “Lemony celery ginger juice recipe”.


  • 1 small bunch of celery
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1 large green apple
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 1-inch knob of ginger


  1. If your juicer has a “high” and “low” setting, run the celery and cucumber through first on the LOW setting.
  2. Then switch it to high and run the apple, lemon, and ginger through the juicer. I like to sandwich the piece of ginger between the apple and lemon so that it stays put and is easier to juice.
  3. Drink the juice right away, or save it in an airtight mason jar for up to 24 hours in the fridge.

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