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Water: Why and When to Drink? Can We Drink Water During Workout?

Water is the breadth of life. Take any living plant, animal, or micro-organism, nobody can survive without water. When it comes to bodybuilding, it is one of the key elements that determine how much muscle you pack.

Hence it is very important to know as much as you can about this miraculous drink. Although we consume it each and every day, people seldom know what impact a glass of water can bring to your body.

If I start about why we need it, I’d be writing this article for years to come, so I’ll only talk about how much of it we need to drink if we’re on a muscle-packing goal. So stay with me, and read till the end of the article.

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Why Bodybuilders need Water?

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There must be a reason why God has covered 70% of the planet earth with water. When it comes to bodybuilding there are a plethora of reasons why our body needs it to grow properly. I’ll mention a few of them briefly:

  1. Removes Toxin From Your Body: Water is quintessential for removing harmful toxins from your body. If you’re one of the hard gainers, and you’re overeating to gain weight then you need more amount of it.
  2. Supplements your Supplement: If you’re consuming supplements like creatine or whey protein, you should increase the amount of it you take. It causes your supplements to work better.
  3. It Reduces the Fluid You Retain: Consuming water can actually reduce your weight. When you take less it, the body retains the excess it and you get fluffed.

These are the reasons why you should consider drinking more water when you’re aiming to pack some muscles. Read 14 Other Benefits of Drinking Water.

When and How Much of it Do You Need to Consume Everyday?

In this section, I will break down exactly when and how much water you need to consume in order to stay hydrated properly.

In total, the amount of it your body needs (for a regular weight person), and a person should drink in a day is 3l to 4l. This much it should be ample to keep you hydrated.

When you wake up in the morning, the very first thing you need to do is drink some itempty stomach. At this time, you should drink up to 500ml of it. It helps flush out the toxins accumulated in your body during the night.

You also need to drink 250ml of it one hour before and after taking lunch, dinner, and breakfast.

You also need to drink 250 ml of it in between the major meals.

If you’ve already started working out in the gym, don’t forget to consume 750ml to 1l water in between your workout session. You need 250ml water post-workout.

And before going to bed, 250ml of it is enough.

Is it Bad to Hydrate Your Body During a Workout?

Few gym buffs (or ones who consider themselves gym buffs) rant about why you shouldn’t drink it during a workout. Consider them as ignorant as a frog who has never got out of it’s well.

There are few rules that you need to keep in mind while drinking it during gym:

  1. Don’t gulp, but sip the water slowly.
  2. Take up to 1l of water during exercise (you can take up to 2l if you train longer).
  3. Consume less of it during Abs Workout.

It’s really important to keep your body hydrated during workout, so remember these rules.

Few Last Suggestions to Make Sure You’re Drinking it “The Right Way”!

It’s probably the most important segment of this whole article. If you don’t follow these 5 tips about Water, you will fail to reap any benefit from this drink.

These are the 5 WORST MISTAKES most of us makes while drinking it:

  1. Drinking During Meals: Keep a 30 mins gap before and after having a meal.
  2. Gulping Down the Water: Sip a small amount of it slowly.
  3. Drinking Chilled Water: It causes sore throat, harms digestion, and solidifies fat in your food.
  4. Drinking Too Much Water: Dilutes the salt in your body.
  5. Drinking-Water While Standing: We should sit down and sip it slowly.

So that was it guys. I hope this article could clear all your questions regarding it. You can also read the Best Diet Plan Recommended by Ayurveda.

Thank you!

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