Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher: What Are The Job Prospects?

Becoming a yoga teacher in India is not a backbreaking challenge today. Yoga has reached different countries and has influenced millions of people in the last couple of years. With its history of thousands of years, it has created interest in the masses. And why not? After all, it has shown the world the science of life.

It has taught us how to connect ourselves with the inner self and calm our surroundings. Its effective therapies have been the reason for its immense popularity. Now that yoga has become a certified subject to study and learn, the demand for yoga teachers is increasing exponentially. Whether it is hospitals or fitness centers, or of course, yoga institutes, yoga trainers are employed at an unprecedented rate.

But what are the job prospects for a yoga teacher? What shall be kept in mind before becoming a yoga teacher? These questions often arise in every yoga enthusiast’s mind before enrolling in any yoga school in India. Well, here we are with your answers.

Yoga Teacher
Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher: Interest and Dedication

If you want to become a yoga teacher and take it forward as your future career, then you need to have developed a level of interest and dedication. You cannot just randomly think of applying as a job instructor unless you have some regard for the job and possess the quality of attentiveness.

Yoga training needs focus, concentration, and diligence, and without them, it is next to impossible to achieve what you aim at. You would be practicing tough asanas, complex postures, reading through texts, and a lot more. Though every kind of learning needs a certain level of passion and dedication, yoga is something you would really need to give it all to excel in your preferred field. 

Knowledge Over Certification

Every single individual who looks forward to becoming a yoga teacher in the future must understand that there is a vast gap between knowledge and certification. A yoga certification doesn’t guarantee or vouch for your in-depth understanding of yoga and its philosophy. A certification is just there speaking for your completion of the yoga course. That’s why if you are too keen on becoming an expert, then always give importance to knowledge over certification.


Always make sure to understand the concepts of Yoga in detail. Whether it is the styles of yoga or its history and evolution, a great instructor must know everything that he/she teaches. After all, at the end of the day, what you know is what defines you and what you do is what your personality is. There are dozens of great yoga schools in India where you can enroll in a yoga teacher training course and get the best. Yoga teacher training course Rishikesh are extremely popular for their reputed staff and great campus.

Yoga Teacher: Major Job Profiles

Though back in the day when yoga was restricted to the condiments of Indian pilgrimage cities and towns, building a career as a yoga teacher was quite an accomplishment. However, the scene is entirely different today as yoga has become a significant part of health freaks today. Once you have completed your course, you can choose to either commence your career in yoga research and training or work as a yoga therapist.

Today, the majority of institutions have started employing yoga teachers. Hence, you can join hospitals, colleges, gyms, health clubs, spa centers, yoga schools, yoga studios, and more. You can also get to work on television as yoga health programs have become quite popular amongst the masses today. And if you do not wish to become any of these and desire to get indulged in the academic world, then you can join a research institute or the best yoga school and continue studying yoga and its importance in the world.

Yoga Teacher
Yoga Teacher


Network Building

You can not become a great yoga teacher unless you have a great network. Yes! You need to expand your network and meet new yoga teachers and students, reach out to yoga committees and of course, the common people. Networking is an important part of building a career and if you are new to a city, you would certainly need to look for new clients who can join you.

But it isn’t as easy as it looks when you are running a yoga class on your own. You would require to create partnerships that would benefit you in the long run. There are certain tips you can follow to build a strong network in yoga: attend workshops, volunteer at yoga retreats, join yoga groups on social media such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram, interact with yoga enthusiasts, and take demo or free classes. Always keep in mind that networking is prominent to success.

Yoga Teacher
Yoga Teacher

Requirement of Time

Like any other specialization or mastery, you would also require time to pace up in the field of yoga. Becoming a yoga teacher in India was never this easy and with the advent of the internet and globalization, yoga has opened up a number of options for dreamers. Yoga is all about spiritual, physical, and mental disciplines that help in the maintenance of mind, body, and soul.

And it’s not easy at all to tame and gain control over your senses. However, once you have mastered the art, which obviously would take a lot of time, then only you would be able to start working as a yoga teacher. That’s the reason this job option is often opted only by those who are passionate about yoga.

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