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Gym Exercise: 5 Tips for Beginners in Asansol

So are you one of them who has finally decided to start gym exercise? Do you, as many others, want to lose that extra few inches of belly and build the sculpture-like body that’ll blow women’s heads off?

Believe me, when I started the gym I felt the same thing. All I wanted to do was lift heavy weights, as many reps as possible, and get that dream physique within a month or two.

Did I accomplish my target? Nahh!

Body building is a game of commitment and perseverance. It’s a long term gig that’s difficult in the beginning. But if you manage to hit it off, it pays you in diamonds.

In today’s exercise we shall discuss the 5 beginner tips you must know if you’re a newbie.

Tip 1: Don’t Get Queasy on your First Day of Gym Exercise in Asansol

I still remember in my first day of gym, I was extremely self conscious when I walked through that front door and into the changing area.

Being a skinny guy back then, I was a bit overwhelmed when I noticed many other individuals( Twice my size, most of them) working out heavily in the machines.

The problem I faced was that I was intimidated before I started working out. Later, as I got to know many of them I realized they were not as I thought before. Most of them were happy to help and encouraged you for trying.

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If you feel alien in your starting days at the gym, don’t hesitate to ask for a slight help. Most people will be happy to guide you.

Tip 2: Don’t Try to be a Hero and Lift Heavier than your Limits in Asansol

The problem which many people I know, face when they start the gym is they lift heavier weights than their capacity.

Yes, concept of lifting heavy on the beginning days of your gym exercise can be seducing but it doesn’t help much.

Your body won’t be prepared to take that much, and you may even get seriously injured.

So never lift more than your capacity, in your beginning days.

Tip 3: Try to Build-up a Mind Muscle Connection in Your Gym Exercise in Asansol

Keep one thing in mind, your muscles will grow only when you work them out right. Beginners regularly face the problem of improper posture when they start working out. It slows down the results.

To minimize this, try using mind muscle connection.

The concept of Mind Muscle Connection is Basic.

If we keep a constant focus on the primary muscle we are working out, the quality of our gym exercise increases a lot. Your muscles will start feeling active, and you will notice improvements faster.

Your form also builds up as you practice mind muscle connection more often. So, it’s a highly recommending tip you can try.

Tip 4: Get Some Proper Workout at the Gym in Asansol

If you wanna build muscles, you cannot do it by sitting on your couch and just reading this article can you? You need to drag yourself to the gym, shred some sweat, and exercise if you want to see some change.

A proper exercise routine is just what you need in your beginning days.

You can check out this article here, it has different workout routine for beginners and advanced respectively.

Just keep one thing in mind, train the primary muscle groups (Chest, Back, and Legs) regularly, in order to see fast gains!

Tip 5: Be Regular and Keep Your Patience

There is one thing I noticed in a lot of beginners which saddens me a lot. They give up too easily. Body Building is not something you can do with a short term mindset. It’s a long term gig, that requires patience, persistence, and will power for quite sometime before you see results.

So for the first few months, just forget about your gains and focus on building your health. Eat proper food( We have a special article on high protein food), come to the gym more often, and enjoy the process.

So that’s it for today, see you!

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