Leg Day Workout

Leg Day: A Thing We All Hate & How to Love it?

When I was a beginner in the gym I remember looking forward to hitting the gym every day. I really liked working out, honestly, but there was one particular body part that I loathed exercise. It’s the leg day.

If you’re a beginner to the gym, you may have felt the same emotions towards the leg day. Or perhaps, skipped your leg days like many others on your bodybuilding journey. If this is true, I don’t blame you. The leg day is considered the most tiring day by 90% of gym-goers.

But do you know why people fear working out this extremely important muscle group? You’re just in the right place. In this article, I’ll deal with all your grievances regarding leg day, and give you some tips by which you can start enjoying working this out.

So without any further ado, lets get started!

Is Having A Leg Day “Really” That Important?

Before we get on to the main topic I want to quickly sum up- “Why working out your legs is important?”

Leg Day Workout

Do you know which muscle group in our body is stressed out the maximum each day? It’s the legs. Legs help you in all your day to day activities, make your body look better, helps in working out the other muscle groups, and helps to elevate your performance a lot.

The leg day is quintessential if you want to build a proper physique. If you think you can bypass this major muscle group in your bodybuilding journey, you are almost certain to be disappointed.

So, NEVER MISS YOUR LEG DAY!!!! It’s recommended if you do this twice every a week.

Why Do Most People Hate Doing Their Leg Days?

If 90% of the gym-goers hate exercising this muscle group, then there must be some issue that have caused this feeling. I’ll try to explain in detail why.


This is the #1 reason why most people hate doing this day. There is a dogma among the gym-goers that if you hit the legs, you’ve got to hit it big. Watching experienced body builders insane weights can trigger a certain ego in you which may coerce you to hit heavier weights.

Most of the beginners do this, and spoil their leg day. There is no rule whatsoever that you must hit insanely heavy weights on your leg day. It will do more harm than good. Put your ego aside and start my lifting lighter weights.

Lifting heavy weights, when you cannot, can be painful and damaging for your joints in the long run! So lift as per your capability and experience.

How To Love Working Out Your Legs?

The only reason you hate the leg day is that you overwork and tire yourself excessively. So, in order to enjoy your leg workout, you must lift easier weights at the beginner.

Know that, lifting heavier weights does not mean that you are gaining muscles. Muscle growth depends largely on 4 factors:

  1. Your Diet.
  2. Mind Muscle Connection.
  3. Your Posture.
  4. Adequate Rest.

If these are in check, then you’ll experience proper muscle growth irrespective of the weight you lift. So be smart, lift lighter, and enjoy your leg day.

Some Exercises that Will Help You Build Leg Faster!

If you don’t know what exercises you should perform in your leg day, you can begin with these exercises:

  1. Traditional Squats.
  2. Smith Machine Squats.
  3. Leg Presses.
  4. Calf Raises.
  5. Hamstring Curls.
  6. Dead Lifts (Do These Last!)

Hope it helps! Read How Can We Do Leg Workout at Home, if you want to exercise leg at your home.

That Conclusion and “My Say” About Leg Workout!

So that concludes this article about Why People Hate Leg Days, and How We Can Enjoy it? Hope you liked this content.

In the end, I’d like to put forth my views about leg workout. For me it’s the most important muscle group that you will exercise; legs help you in everything, and it’s your duty to make them strong. Lift smartly, and lift according to your capability and soon you’ll start enjoying this day.

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Thank you!

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