Here’s why Makhana is the healthiest snack ever!

The best healthiest snack that can be your healthy alternative to popcorn, is Fox Nut(Makhana). Makhana is a crunchy and tasty nut that you can enjoy with many health benefits. It is harvested from a lotus-like flower called Euryale Ferox. Makhana comes from the leaves of this plant grown in Asian countries. They are also known as Gorgon Nuts or Fox Nuts.

Foxnuts are very nutritious, much cheaper than your regular popcorn. In fact, its considered a super-food!

In India, dried Makhana is used as prashad during pujas. Traditionally, most people have roasted Makhana or many other dishes made from Makhana, for their fasting periods during Navratri festival.

Makhana is the main ingredient of many such sweet or salty dishes, and people like to enjoy them. But very few of them know the benefits of including this nutritious nut in your diet.

Euryale Fox Plant - The Source of Makhana (मखाना)
The Leaves of Euryale Ferox – The Source of Nutritious Fox Seeds

So we decided to tell everyone about the health benefits of this desi snack! Read on!

What makes Makhana the Healthiest Snack for you?

Makhana/Fox nuts contain almost no cholesterol and no fats. This makes it the perfect between-the-meals snack. And just like all nuts, its gluten-free, so you can include it in your diet without any doubts.

If you are travelling, then I suggest instead of buying potato or corn based chips and fatty snacks on the road, you should pack some roasted makhana for your journey. Makhana pack more energy than groundnuts(badaam). So by adopting this super-food, you will be giving up on cholesterol, gluten, bad fatty food.

Helps regulate blood pressure

Fox nuts are rich in potassium. If you are suffering from high-blood pressures, potassium lowers your blood pressure. You can confirm this with your doctor. Surprisingly, fox nuts also have a very low amount of sodium, which makes it very great to keep your blood pressure levels in check.

Makhana the Healthiest Snack is rich in Folates

Folates are crucial nutrients that are involved in our body’s growth and repair processes like the production of DNA and cell division. They reduce the level of amino acids in our body(homocysteine level) which can be harmful for blood vessels and hinder blood circulation.

Folates are also very important during pregnancy for brain development of the babies. Amazingly, just one cup of Makhana has enough folate for 50% of your daily requirement of folate, for both men and women.

It is an all round protection for your Heart

Fox nuts have high flavonoid content. What this means is that it provides our body with nutrients and compounds that decrease the risk of heart and blood-related diseases and also have anti-bacterial properties. To know the myths and facts about flavonoids, check out this research article by LiveScience.

The nutrient magnesium is crucial for our heart’s well being. When the magnesium level in our body is low, we are at risk of many heart diseases. A cup of makhana can easily fulfill 20% of your daily requirement of magnesium.

As said earlier, makhana contains folates, which protect the blood circulation system of our body.

A healthy heart

All these benefits are rarely found together, in any nut or fruit. This makes fox nuts the best all-rounder protection for your heart!

Detoxifies your body

Fox nuts are rich in Anti-oxidants. If you did not know, Anti-oxidants fight the harmful free-radicals in our body. They detoxify our body’s blood-production centers and slow down the ageing process.

While researching for this article, I was surprised to find this small round nut can have so many positive effects on our health. According to modern medicine, as well as this ayurveda-article by the guru’s at Patanjali, including Makhana in our diet prevents wrinkles and fine lines that are signs of pre-ageing, and also prevents hairfall. Fox nuts really are the complete package for a long and healthy life!

Packs a lot of Protein and Calcium

Fox nuts are a good source of calcium. 3 cups of these roasted nuts has almost the same amount of calcium and proteins as an egg. However makhana packs much more energy than eggs. Still not sure whether to give up on your favorite spiced up popcorns for the most healthy alternative?

Has a low Glycemic index

Makhana is a low-glycemic-index food. If you are one of those readers who are very calorie conscious, you must know that “Glycemic Index” is a scale of rating the food and diets depending on their carbohydrate content and type.

Food items with low glycemic index, get digested slowly, so the glucose level of our blood does not increase too much in a short time. On the other hand, high glycemic-index foods get digested very fast, but get converted to fats.

So if you are trying to lose weight, trying to adopt a keto-lifestyle but cannot give up on your movie snacks, try some makhana. Also check out this Ayurvedic diet plan if you are trying to lose weight.

Still not sure whether to give up on your favorite spiced up popcorns?

Fox nuts or Makhana beats your Popcorns in both taste and health. They are just as crunchy, and blend in with every taste – sweet or spicy..

Spiced and roasted fox nuts - the healthiest tea-time snack
If you like what you see, check out Jyoti’s Masala Makhana recipes.

Do not try fox nuts raw, instead add to your salad. You can also fry a cup or two in a teaspoon of olive oil, or ghee or butter. Sprinkle salt and chilly powder as per your tastes, and you are good to go!

Here are some awesome makhana recipes by chef Tarla Dalal so try them out in your kitchen!

In terms of health benefits, there is almost no possible health risk with fox nuts. All kinds of nuts are calorie rich, and you should take them in small amounts like you do with groundnuts(badaam) or almonds. Too much of makhana can give you all kinds of stomach issues.

If you are following a strict diet, have about 20-30g of makhana a day, no more. However, if having even a cup of makhana upsets your stomach, then makhana may not be good for you. In that case stay away from it, or even better consult your dietician or doctor before you decide to eat them anyways.

If you or anyone you know, is suffering from Arrhythmia, then stay away from makhana. Once again, consult your physician. Do the same if you suffer from very low blood pressures.

So when are you Trying the Healthiest Awesome Movie Snack?

With so many wonderful healthy surprises all in one, Makhana deserves that special spot in your tea-times or movie times!

For your next movie at home, please give this healthiest snack a try instead of your fatty popcorns, with our list of favorite inspirational movies. And do share your thoughts in the comments below!

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