hot or cold shower

Should we take Hot or Cold Shower after a Workout?

A nice shower after a tiring session at the gym is relaxing, isn’t it? But does the temperature of water matter to your overall gains? Apparently, it does. A hot or Cold Shower after a workout has different benefits that will help you in certain conditions.

hot or cold shower

In this article, we’ll discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of a hot and cold bath. You can decide what’s best for you in the end, and amplify your gains.

What are the Benefits of Cold Shower? When should you take it?

Taking a cold shower after a workout can be a refreshing experience. But does this have any benefits?

A cold shower cools down your body temperature after a workout session. A cold shower also stiffens up your muscles and slower the blood circulation of your body. This is extremely beneficial if you’re recovering from injuries.

It is advantageous if you take a cold shower to reduce inflammation and pain in your muscle and joints. It provides instant relief and helps you recover faster, plus it’s inadvisable to take a hot shower when you’re injured.

You can also read several other benefits of cold shower.

What are the Benefits of Hot Shower? When should you take it?

Contrary to the cold shower, a hot shower bath eases the blood circulation process and relaxes your muscles to a great extent. This has various benefits that will help you after the workout.

It aids the transfer of nutrients of the post-workout meal to different cells of your body. Apart from that, it helps open the pores of your skin, which leads to detoxification and overall cleansing of your body.

It also helps your muscles to recover from fatigue quickly.

The Benefits of Showering After Exercise

Now you know when you should take Hot or Cold Shower after a Workout. These are some additional advantages you’ll unlock if you take bath after a workout:

  • Improves hygiene and gets rid of dead skin cells and bacteria.
  • It helps to boost your overall immunity system.
  • Opens up clogged pores.

When should you take the Shower?

We know the feeling of itchiness and sweat after a hard workout session. But it’s advisable to wait for at least 20-30 minutes before taking that shower. Once you’ve stopped sweating and your body has cooled down a bit, you’re all free to take that hard-earned shower.


So coming back to the primary question, should we take hot or cold shower after a workout? It depends upon your current fitness state. If you’re going through a recovery phase, it’s great if you take a cold shower.

hot or cold shower

Whereas, a hot shower can be extremely rejuvenating and helps lessen your muscle fatigue.

We hope that cleared your query. Feel free to use the comment section if you’ve got any doubt or have some other questions on the topic. You can also check out this Magical Ayurvedic Diet Chart which can change your life!

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