Is Giloy Natural Immunity Booster During COVID-19

Giloy, the Heavenly Elixir, is among the most ancient ayurvedic herbs found in the tropical areas of India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. It grows throughout the tropical regions in India and has been in use for centuries in traditional medicine to treat various disorders.

Giloy is very effective because of its high nutritional content and the alkaloids found in the root and leaves of this wonderful plant. It is beneficial for the liver and helps in improving digestive and bowel health, which may further act as a power bank for the skin. To know all the benefits of Giloy, please read till the end!

Natural Immunity Booster During COVID-19

Is Giloy Effective Against The Coronavirus Infection?

No, there is no evidence that Giloy cures corona infection. But it raises your immunity to fight against it. Some studies have shown that a combination of Giloy and Ashwagandha shields against this deadly disease. Giloy can boost your immunity, and hence it is potent for various fevers, especially viral fevers like Corona Virus Infection or COVID-19. Some scientific studies also show promising results to control corona infection.

8 Magical Benefits of Giloy Juice

  1. Controls blood sugar level – In Ayurveda, Giloy is well known as a ‘Madhunashini’ that means ‘destroyer of sugar.’ It helps enhance the production of insulin, which then controls blood sugar levels, and is also beneficial for diabetes complications like ulcers, kidney problems.
  2. Boosts immunity – This herb activates the immune system of our body and increases vitality. Include its juice or kadha in your diet twice a day to improve your immunity. It is full of antioxidants and helps to release toxins from the body.
  3. May improve digestion – Giloy improves the digestive process and reduces digestion-related problems like diarrhea, colitis, vomiting, hyperacidity, etc.
  4. Remedy for dengue fever – Being an antipyretic herb, it improves platelet count in dengue fever and reduces the chances of complications. Regular intake of Giloy helps improve immunity during dengue and also for a speedy recovery. For best results, boil Giloy juice with a few Tulsi leaves and drink to increase platelet count.
  5. Useful in Hay Fever Provides relief in hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis. It reduces the symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, nasal obstruction, watering of eyes.
  6. Beneficial in Arthritis and Gout – Possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties that help to reduce arthritis and gout. For joint pains, consume in powdered form with warm milk. To know about the proper time of consumption, refer to the end of this article.
  7. Improves Eyesight – It is very effective to improve eyesight when applying topically and finds its use in Panchkarma.

Other than this, Giloy consumption provides relief in many liver diseases, urinary tract infections, and heart-related issues.

How Does It Protect the Skin?

Giloy juice detoxifies your skin and improves your skin. Attributed with Raktashodhak properties that aid in removing impurities from the blood, it helps combat many skin ailments like skin allergies, itching, dark circles, acne, and eczema.

Giloy is a natural remedy to purify the blood, fight germs and bacteria and help regulate flawless skin. It can help in combating dark spots, pimples, and fine lines. Giloy is one of the ten vyah-sthapana herbs suggested by sage Acharya Charaka that, in clinical studies, have proven to possess anti-aging properties, reduce wrinkles and provide naturally glowing skin. Potent in rejuvenating your skin, this herb can help keep your skin looking young, fresh, and beautiful.

For better skin benefits, I strongly suggest trying it along with Haridra and Amla.


When and How Should Giloy be Taken?

You can drink Giloy juice every morning but avoid taking it at night. For better results, drink it on an empty stomach in the morning.

Capsule: 1-2 capsules twice a day with water after meals.
Juice: 2-3 tsp with water before meals once or twice a day.
Kwath or Giloy Kwath: 1-2 tbsp infused with honey twice a day after meals.
We need to be boil and then cool Kwath before consuming it. Please watch the following video for usage directions.

How Giloy Should be Taken

How to use Giloy Juice, Tablet, Powder, or Kwath for best results?

Various Ways To Take the Different Forms of Giloy:

  • Churna (powdered): ½ tsp with honey or lukewarm water, preferably after meals twice a day.
  • Kwath: 2-3 tbsp twice a day before or after lunch and dinner.
  • Vati/Giloy Ghana Vati: 1-2 pills twice a day with water after meals.
  • Capsule: 1-2 capsules twice a day with water after meals.
  • Juice: 2-3 tsp with water before meals once or twice a day.
  • Stem Juice: 1-2 tbsp infused with honey twice a day after meals.

I have suggested the above dosages from my personal experience. It is better to consume them as directed by your dietician/physician.

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