sparkling water

Which Sparkling Water is Good for you?

Sparkling Water, know how good it is for you. Today I will discuss every information about this water. It’s far better than soda, that’s for sure. Sugary drinks like soda, sweetened tea, and lemonade are the number-one source of added sugar for adults. Some researchers have found sugar-sweetened beverages are associated with a higher risk for type 2 diabetes, obesity,  and a higher risk of heart disease. Sparkling water generally doesn’t contain any sweetener, if sparkling water satisfies your cravings for something fizzy and lets you skip the soda.

Exactly know everything about plain water, why and when to drink water, and shall we drink water during a workout?

sparkling water
Sparkling Water

Can this Water Hydrate you?

Yes, based on urine output it was found that this water was just as hydrating as plain water. If you’re concerned about the health of your teeth, sometimes tooth decays are observed. Carbonated water is more acidic than plain water and has the potential to mess with your enamel. Most people don’t consume enough sparkling water because it causes damage. But you can reduce risk by always eating food when drinking carbonated beverages or carbonating your water with fluoride. Sparkling drinks that contain added or sugars or natural flavorings can absolutely mess with your mouth and are not preferred for daily hydration. But there are some mixed opinions to be found, this water doesn’t cause any kind of tooth decay if you drink it daily. So there is no clear evidence till now.

7 Surprising Health Benefits of Sparkling Water

  1. May Improve Heart Health – A study showed that drinking sodium-rich carbonated water has a positive impact on heart health. The person who drank sodium-rich carbonated water had a decrease in LDL (the bad) cholesterol.
  2. Can Improve Bone Health – Studies showed that no negative effects on bone health were observed in this water group. Research on animals suggests carbonated water may even improve bone health.
  3. May Increase Feelings of Fullness – Carbonated water may help you feel full longer than plain water. Carbonated water may also extend feelings of fullness after meals to a greater extent than plain water.
  4. May Help Relieve Indigestion and Constipation – A study has been concluded that carbonated water improves symptoms of dyspepsia, improves gallbladder emptying, constipation, and indigestion. Thus, may help relieve indigestion and constipation.
  5. It Helps you Swallow – Carbonated water may improve your ability to swallow. Then you’ll have better digestion of foods and this will also prevent you from indigestion.
  6. Helps you Consume more Water – Generally, if you drink less water throughout the day, then surely try drinking carbonated water it will keep you hydrated. A surprising benefit is that carbonated water promotes water consumption.
  7. May Promote Weight Loss – the most significant health benefit of drinking carbonated water is the fact that it may help you lose weight.

When Shall I Drink Sparkling Water?

There is no fixed time to drink this water. You can just drink it normally as you drink plain water. But if you are avoiding overeating during meals, then try drinking two eight-ounce glasses of sparkling water 30 minutes before you eat. And if you have a question in your mind who shall drink this water? Then I’ll surely answer this, the person who is looking for weight loss may drink this water, this may promote faster weight loss. The person who generally drinks less water throughout the day then they may drink this water as this water promotes water consumption. Somehow this water may also help you in proper digestion of foods and as a result, you can prevent indigestion.

sparkling water
Sparkling Water
What is the Flavor of Sparkling Water?

On today’s date, there are many amazing flavors of this water in the market. There are a plethora of sparkling water flavors available, sway mango, zippy lime, spindrift blackberry, bittersweet grapefruit. All these flavors are available in zero sugar and zero calories. But, let’s talk about the natural flavor as it is considered a healthier alternative to soda. Generally, this water contains only two ingredients, natural flavor, and carbonated water. If you’re looking to avoid natural flavors, stick to unflavored sparkling water or you can also try spindrift’s lemon flavor which contains only fresh lemon juice and sparkling water.

Will Sparkling Water Help you Lose Weight?

As I’ve mentioned weight loss in the benefits of drinking carbonated water. The carbon dioxide in carbonated water allows bubbles to fill your stomach and trick your brain into feeling full. The fuller you feel, the less you’ll feel the need to eat. As I’ve also mentioned this water is available in zero sugar and zero calories, sugar makes you gain weight. So try avoiding sugars while you drink water or eat food if you are losing weight. You can definitely try drinking this water for weight loss in fact it promotes weight loss and this makes it the most significant health benefit of drinking carbonated water. Try replacing soda with carbonated water to stay full longer and reduce your calorie intake while you’re on a weight loss diet. You can also try our other weight-loss diets.

Thanks for reading guys!! I hope, I’ve answered all your queries. If I still left with answering more of your queries related to this water then you can freely ask me in the comment section. I’ll just love to answer your queries.

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